Guide To Metal Detecting AccessoriesGuide To Metal Detecting Accessories

Are you hooked to metal detecting as one of your hobbies? This is an exciting hobby to have because you can be a treasure hunter. The exciting is all about discovering whatever it is that is buried in the ground that your detector has sensed. It would be such a joyful mark on your day f you can hear your detector beep. This will be an even more pleasant hunting pleasure for you if you do this with friends. However, you will not only need a metal detector to do this hobby, but also some accessories. These are needed whether you go treasure hunting in land or water.

Types of Accessories
There are different types of accessories that you can use when metal detecting. This depends on where you would like to go treasure hunting. There are beach-hunting scoops, treasure hunting tools and other equipment. If you start this activity complete with the right tools and accessories, you can have a more pleasant experience digging through soil or sand. Moreover, everything will be much easier when you use tools or equipment in the process. It would be a lame excuse not to get the metal treasures detected because you do not have a scoop. They are just part of your metal detecting investments in the same way that you have spent money on your detector.

Metal Detecting Accessories in Water
It is possible to go treasure hunting in water because there is a detector that is made for such an environment. If you do this, you need to buy a water scoop, a pouch for all the accessories that you have to bring, and a container for the items that you will find. These are the things that you need in water metal detecting:

• Water scoops. The most common type of scoop is the sunspot scoop. These are great scoops but you may have problems using them when picking really small items. They have a wooden handle that makes them convenient to use. You can try these scoops by scooping sand before using them in the waves.

• Hunting pouch. This can hold the things that you have collected and the accessories that you need to use. This should have a zipper and has to be made of plastic.

• Pouch. There are metal pouches but these might get corroded due to salt water.

You may also need wet suits or waders, boots, gloves, a mask and a snorkel if you want to go underwater.

Metal Detecting Accessories in the Beach
If you want to go to the beach for treasure hunting, you can wear regular ground clothes for this trip. It is important that you bring digging tools too, which can be in the form of garden trowels. Other treasure hunters use hunting knives to help in their hunt. A sand scoop and garret pocket is also a useful accessory in beach metal detecting.

It would be fun to try treasure hunting but you have to spend money on a metal detector and the accessories or tools that will make your hunt more convenient on your part. It is tiring enough to keep bringing the detector; you can at least make up for your tired arms by using the right tools to dig and retrieve items beneath the ground or water.
by John Schofield
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