Marriage Counselling Could Be Your AnswerMarriage Counselling Could Be Your Answer

Marriage counselling or couples therapy is needed when things get out of hand. A married couple may be fighting all of the time and not understand why. When they try to talk things out, they just start fighting. In a situation like this, counseling may help them. This type of counseling is usually provided by a clinical social worker or a licensed therapist. This level of therapist will need a degree in order to counsel anyone. They may or may not be accredited by the AAMFT or American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

When they go to their session, the counselor is going to listen to both individuals and find out what is really bothering them and what they feel are possible solutions to their problems. Conflicts can be resolved with the assistance of someone else. Most of the time, this therapy is going to be a short term experience. It usually will include both partners but not always. Sometimes only one person will see the counselor. The treatment for it will be based on each individual case.

This type of counseling is not only for married couples. It can be for a man and a woman that are living together as a couple. It may also be for two men or two women who are a couple as well. Any type of intimate relationship has the potential to benefit from this when there is conflict.

Counseling can help to strengthen bonds and also help them understand each other better. A couple who is planning on getting married may want to have a couple of sessions with a counselor. This is called pre-marriage counseling and it will help them to determine and possibly take care of conflicts before the marriage occurs.

The center of a lot of marital problems is money. Financial concerns will put a lot of stress on a marriage. It is common for one spouse to blame another because of a career change or loss of a job. Other times, it may be from a difference in how each one feels the children should be raised.

In some instances, the counselor assists in a domestic violence situation also. There really is not any preparation needed for your appointment other than to bring your best attitude with you. A lot of times infidelity is going to be a big problem in these relationships and counseling may not help anyways.

Finding a good marriage counselor is going to be important though. Someone who is experienced in these situations will be your best bet. Your primary doctor may recommend or refer you to a certain one. A lot of health insurance companies are going to cover these expensive visits but you will want to check with your insurance company before you make the appointment.

One thing to remember is that this counselor is not going to tell you what you have to do. They can recommend certain things. Some of them may work but other times a divorce is the only possible solution especially if the couple just cannot agree on a solution.
by Adriana Noton
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