Common Problems With Garage Doors And How To Solve ThemCommon Problems With Garage Doors And How To Solve Them

It is normal for you to have problems with garage doors. Some common problems with a garage door are noise when opening or closing it, stuck parts, not working transmitter, or door that opens or closes even without the transmitter. Here are some ways to solve these common problems.

Noisy Garage Doors

There are some things that you need to check if your garage door is noisy: nuts, hinges, rollers and springs.

Your garage door may be making all these noise because the nuts are loose. To solve the problem, get a socket wrench and tighten the nuts on the door and on the track. You can also use an adjustable wrench. Be careful not to over-tighten the nuts because it will cause problems in opening and closing the door.

If the nuts are in good condition and tight enough, you can check the hinges. Check the holes that house the roller stem. It is already time to replace them if they appear to be oval in shape.

You should check the roller if your garage door is of roller type. Old roller garage doors usually create noise. Too old rollers will need a replacement. You can also try lubricating the rollers. The noise may be due to rust in different parts of the rollers. To avoid wearing out the rollers in a short period of time, you will need to regularly lubricate them.

Most garage doors also have springs. They can create squeaking sounds when already worn out. A lubricant can also do the trick in mild cases. Call a professional if it still creates noise. It is not advisable to tamper springs on garage doors. It can cause accidents and injuries.

Stuck Rollers or Hinges

You may also encounter "stuck" problems with your garage door. One of the things that can solve this is kerosene. No, you are not going to start a fire. You can use a brush - paintbrush or an old toothbrush - to get the kerosene into the cracks. It is a great lubricant. You can also use a steel wool to remove rust.

Malfunctioning Transmitters

An automatic garage door may be very convenient but not when problems with transmitters occur. For instance, you may experience problems in opening garage doors using your transmitter. If it does not open when you use the transmitter but opens when you push the button on the wall, the problem may be with the infrared sensor. It may just have dirt or anything that block the path. If cleaning the surface cannot solve the problem, check if the wires are fastened. You can also try to unplug the garage door opener and re-plug it into the outlet.

Garage Door that Opens or Closes By Itself

A garage door that automatically opens and closes can be bothering. You know you closed it before going to work but it is open when you go home. If this is your problem with your garage door, you can check the batteries in your transmitters and start using the open/close button on the wall for a few days. By this, you can identify if the problem is with the transmitter. If the problem continues, you can check the wire connections behind the wall button and check for a short.
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