Learning Spanish: 5 Must-Have Features For Spanish Learning SoftwareLearning Spanish: 5 Must-Have Features For Spanish Learning Software

When deciding which Spanish learning software to buy, you've got lots of options. In fact, for some people there are far too many options, and this abundance of information can cause confusion and hesitation. This article is going to help you by explaining 5 must-have features for the Spanish language learning program that you buy.

1. Access to an Online Community and Learning Materials

Gone are the days when you would buy a Spanish learning program, use it for all it was worth and then never open it up again. Today's top programs evolve, and they take you along for the ride. Users with fresh new ideas change learning content and even develop some of their own, and, in the spirit of the online experience, they share it in company-hosted learning and development forums. You want to be a part of these forums. Before buying any Spanish language learning program, make sure it includes a healthy, accessible, online component.

2. Verb Conjugation

As you probably already know, mastering verb conjugation is one of the most challenging aspects of learning the Spanish language. In fact, there are software programs designed to teach just this one area of the language. You don't want that software. What you do want is a full-feature program that has a separate component that focuses primarily on verb conjugation.

3. Interaction

When language learning software programs first hit the market, they weren't very good. Classroom-based courses were still much better. Why? Because the old programs lacked interaction, which made them no better than books. Today's top Spanish learning software and web-based courses, on the other hand, have a very high degree of interactivity. In fact, you get more speaking practice and language interaction with software programs than you ever would in a classroom. This is due to advancements (and price drops) in recording and video editing software and equipment. Still, though, not all programs on the market make use of this great technology. Make sure you don't get stuck with one of those programs.

4. Games and Activities

Within the software itself, interactivity is the most important feature. Games and activities come in a close second. Think about it. What makes software-based learning better than just buying a book? Right. It's the games and activities. The best Spanish learning software programs come alive when you use them. They take you on a language learning adventure. They don't just throw information at you, leaving you to figure out how to memorize and recall that information. Before buying a software program, make sure you take advantage of the free trial. Does the software engage you? Does it hold your attention, or do you find the games and activities to be dull and boring?

Pricing That Fits Your Needs

Notice that I didn't say, "Pricing that fits your budget." Why? Because different language learning software programs have very different pricing structures. Some packages are very cheap but offer very limited instruction, usually listed in hours of instruction, hours of video, numbers of dialogues, and length of audio programs. This means that your learning goals are very important.

If, for example, your goal is to just learn basic travel Spanish for an upcoming trip, get the cheaper version of one of the top programs. You'll get all of their great features, but less instruction. If, on the other hand, you are preparing to live and work in Spain, make sure you get a program that offers the full amount of instruction, even if it's more expensive.


There are tons of options when choosing Spanish learning software. Not all of them are good. To make sure you get the learning program that is best for you personally, use free trials. Then, make sure you're getting a good online component, a program that focuses on verb conjugation, a course that is highly interactive, a set of games and activities that keep you interested, and, lastly, a pricing structure that meets your needs. Best of luck!
by Ryan Wiley
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