Choosing College To Begin A Career PathChoosing College To Begin A Career Path

Today can be an exciting new beginning. To begin or change a career, starting out in a new profession at entry level or obtaining a vocational certificate can be options. If these options are unappealing, college classes are probably on the horizon. There are lots of aspects to look at when choosing college as the avenue for career training before coming to a final decision.

The area to be studied must be investigated first. Discussing plans with the admissions staff will determine if the studies can be completed at one school, or if a transfer will be necessary to finish the chosen degree.

Housing choices should be considered next. If on-campus housing is available, it must fit the student's needs. On-campus apartments offer flexibility and more freedom, but the fees can be prohibitive for some students. In addition to the rental fee, other fees that might need to be calculated are those for utility costs and water, an in-home phone if desired, and cable or satellite tv service.

Dorm rooms are traditionally priced lower. However, they also often include many rules and restrictions. It is important to honestly determine if the student can abide by the rules and restrictions before choosing a dorm room. There is typically far less privacy and certainly less personal space when choosing this option.

Many colleges feel that on-campus living plays a crucial role in the overall college experience, therefore they prohibit or strongly protest students living off-campus. Only under certain circumstances can a student be allowed to live off-campus while enrolled. Discussing housing needs before enrolling can determine if this allowance can be made.

Meals are another important consideration. A cafeteria meal plan might seem like an easy answer. But, it can also be a very expensive choice. Additional expense can be created when a student chooses meals elsewhere due to lack of variety or not liking the food choices that are offered. Smart students can save some cash by making simple meals in their dorm room if this is allowed. If an apartment is chosen, the fully outfitted kitchen offers much more flexibility for planning meals.

The right institution must also offer everything needed in the areas that surround the campus. If work must also be found while attending school, and the student's class schedule will allow it, the area must offer employment. Places to relax and reduce stress must also be within the area.

The distance from close friends and family is also important. At first, new surroundings in a distant city may seem exciting. After a few months, this distance can come to be a shock to the system. Homesickness can lead to depression when the unconditional love and support a student is used to are no longer readily available. School breaks where a student can go home help with this adjustment, but the expense of these trips must also be considered when choosing a location.

A wisely planned career path can be traveled smoothly. Consider all the aspects before coming to a conclusion to lessen the bumps encountered along the way.
by Adriana Noton
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