Information To Know About Drain PlumbingInformation To Know About Drain Plumbing

The drain plumbing in a home is necessary to dispose of wastewater created on a daily basis. Without drains, the water would have nowhere to go. It would create a nasty mess that would render the home unlivable. Most of the time the drains work without problem, but when if the pipes are plugged, water is going to back up in the home. These pipes are essential to many of the conveniences humans have come to expect in their homes.

Most of the time, water enters the home drainage system and travels through the pipes due to gravity. When the water level in the basin, tub or toilet is above the level of the outlet of trap, the wastewater flows out down the pipe. Pipes are proportionate to the amount of water they are expected to carry. These pipes all come together in a larger pipe called the main line that removes the water from the home.

Most people who live in suburbs or cities who receive their water from a public water supply will be connected to a public sewer system. This system directs the water to a treatment plant where it is processed and eventually released as clean water once again. In rural areas, homes may have their own onsite septic system called a septic tank. The septic tank retains solid materials and they are broken down by helpful bacteria.

The trap is usually a "U" shaped piece of pipe that retains water to prevent sewer gasses from entering the home. The trap can also collect grease that is poured down the sink outlet. As the grease cools, it can solidify and prevent water from flowing through the pipes. Often pouring a large pot of boiling water in the sink will open such grease plugs. Traps are located under sinks and tubs and built into toilets.

Vents allow air to enter the drainage system so that the water does not form a vacuum and exit the home safely. In addition, they allow sewer gases to escape to the atmosphere. Most modern vents exit through the rooftop so that the gases are dispersed without bothering the home occupants.

Drains will need to be pitched correctly to allow the water to continue to flow using the power of gravity. If the pitch is too large, solid materials may be left behind. Drains should be pitched at approximately a quarter inch per foot for best drainage.

When drains become plugged, a plumber can help. The plumber locates a cleanout and can use a device called a snake to break through the plug and allow the waste water to flow freely once again. A rooter is a special snake that has a cutting head on the end that can cut through roots that may have grown through the pipe and contribute to the plug.

The drain plumbing is an important part of the water system of the home. It removes water and other wastes from the home effectively to provide a sanitary environment in which the occupants can live.
by Adriana J. Noton
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