Turning Your Visitors Into CustomersTurning Your Visitors Into Customers

One of the big buzz words floating around the internet world is conversion. To the uninformed this sounds a bit like a Sunday go to meeting term, but in the very real world of online business it takes on an entirely different meaning; a meaning that can make or break a business. Let's say you have a state-of-the-art web site. You use SEO. Your keywords are on- target. You use contemporary graphics, and a finely tuned sales message. You generate a lot of traffic and rank well on search engines. All this, yet your sales are less than spectacular.

The answer usually can be found in this one word: conversion; the process of turning a looker into a customer. As defined by http://Dictionary.com con·ver·sion, is a noun, meaning:

1. The act or process of converting; state of being converted.
2. A change in character, form, or function.

When used within the world of the internet conversion becomes a verb meaning the process of changing a looker into a buyer. It becomes the mantra of many online sales sites, turning that visitor who ends up on your site just checking you out into a customer.

It's an old question, what makes a looker decide to buy from you or your competitor? Price; sometimes, brand of product; maybe; the appearance of your web site; frequently. For those who study sales the basic reason in the decision of who to buy from is often an emotional one. How best to push that emotional button that converts that looker into being your customer.

This single topic has proponents from all over. One will tell you "you gotta' have a price leader," others will strongly suggest that sex sells, there are even those who firmly believe that all you need to do is yell long enough and loud enough about your product..but for the business person seeking both growth and long-term success these tactics can be a real turn off.

So what are you to do? The answer is really not that difficult to understand. What is the single most important emotional trigger for people? It is in feeling appreciated, special, and important to another. If given the choice between paying $19.95 for a do-dad to someone who comes as across as a huckster or $21.95 to a business that demonstrates that it really cares is a no-brainer.

Enter quality customer service, the kind that clearly sends the message to the looker that here you will be appreciated, that you are special, and important to us. Among the best ways to get this message across Is through the use of live chat.

When done right live chat clearly tells people that your firm is there for them before, during, and after the sale. Nothing short of you physically going into the lookers home will trigger their emotional buttons like a well executed live chat program.

Alan Jones currently manages the Marketing Operations of Provide Live Help http://www.providelivehelp.com, the developers of a State of the Art live chat.
by Alan Jones
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Alan Jones currently manages the Marketing Operations of Provide Live Help http://www.providelivehelp.com, the developers of a State of the Art live chat.
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