3 Health Issues Men Need To Talk About3 Health Issues Men Need To Talk About

Compared to women's issues, men's health issues have always been pretty much equally studied and documented. Still there are health issues even today's men hesitate to talk about with their doctors and other health professionals. By not doing so, they let health problems that can be easily cured; take a turn for the worst! If you are wondering what these issues are, here are some of them.

1. Sexual problems: Most men hesitate or refuse to acknowledge problems like erectile dysfunction. Our culture conditions men into thinking that their masculinity is somehow diminished if they admit that they can't hold their erection! So instead of discussing this problem with their partner or their doctor, they try to look for quick fixes or untested products. Sometime, the reason for their problem is as simple as stress in their life but it can be serious problems like diabetics or prostrate problem. So if you are suffering from this, don't hide it any longer.

2. Infertility: Most men often mix-up infertility with being unable to have or hold an erection. But infertility has nothing to with such problems. It can be low amount of sperm present in the semen, or slow sperm motility, or abnormal shape or size of the sperm or problems with semen itself. So an infertile man can have an erection and satisfy his partner in every other way. But, in most cases, especially in culture where male dominance is prominent, an otherwise healthy man will refuse to undergo fertility test. Science today has answers to this problem readily starting from in-vitro fertilization to medication. Then there are some cases where infertility can be avoided by just changing the lifestyle like quitting smoking or marijuana, lowering the alcohol consumption and exercising regularly. People in certain professions like manufacturing workers, landscape workers and contractors should try to minimize exposure to environmental toxins that come from insecticides, lead, radiation or pesticides. Even exercising helps to get cured of infertility as is wearing boxers instead of briefs. But you won't know what your solution is until you talk honestly with your doctor and go for tests.

3. Depression: Depression is often considered as women's disease and as a result, men who are suffering from it don't seek help for it. Nearly 6 million men in USA suffer from depression every year and 70 to 80% of suicide related to depression is committed by men! Yet, still today our society conditions men to overlook bouts of depression as "sad thought" and instead of talking to their medical practitioner; they clam up all the more. If that seems to be your story, then you need to change your thinking as soon as possible. Depression can be the underlying symptom of some other fatal disease; and hence don't take it lightly. Learn more about it and schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Just because you are ill, does not mean you are less of a man. Sometime admitting to these problems makes you a better man, both figuratively and in reality. So don't overlook these problems any longer and see you get help as soon as possible.
by Greg Garner
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