A Guide On Cross Boarder ShippingA Guide On Cross Boarder Shipping

Everyday, there are millions of items that are sent across the boarders of countries. When a business or individual engages in cross boarder shipping, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration. Below is a guide on cross boarder shipping:

When you ship items across the boarder to another country, there will be a number of factors that determine the shipping charges. For instance, the size, weight, number of items, type of service such as overnight shipping or 2 day ground shipping, and distance are all factors used to determine the shipping costs. When using the services of a shipping company, their website will outline these factors and how you can calculate the shipping costs. As well, you may also have to factor in the exchange rate.

Cross Boarder Costs: There are other shipping costs to consider when crossing the boarder. Other costs to consider are the customs duties, custom broker fees, and taxes.

Shipping Documents: When you ship products across the border, you are engaging in international shipping. With international shipping, you have to provide specific types of documents. Without the appropriate documents, your shipment may be denied entry into the destination country. The required documents should be placed in an envelope with a label affixed to it outline the content and shipment destination. Such documents include the bill of lading and commercial invoice describing the goods and the value of the goods. If shipping within North America, you have the option of providing a NAFTA certificate of origin. For shipments to Canada that have a value of over $1,000 USD, a Canada Customs invoice is required. Submitting the appropriate documentation is critical when shipping across the boarder. As well, when certain shipments fall into certain categories, there is a required U.S. Shipper's Export Declaration.

Customs Broker: A Customs Broker must be used because freight cannot clear the border without a Customs Broker. It is wise to use a customs broker that operates 24 hours a day because if your shipment is set for next day delivery and your broker is not available, it may be a problem getting the shipment across the boarder.

Because of globalization and the growth of online shopping, businesses are now doing more sales in other countries. They are acquiring customers from all over the world. In North America, cross boarder shipping has increased greatly. The result is businesses as well as individuals must be aware of what is involved with cross boarder shipping of items and cargo. This type of shipping can be complex for the novice shipper so it is wise to use the services of shippers that offer cross boarder shipping services. These shippers are experts at cross boarder shipping and they have created a system that ensures items are able to cross the boarder without encountering any problems.

Cross boarder shippers understand what is needed to successfully gain entry into another country which for businesses, makes it an essential service. They have a good logistics network and customer support system. Cross boarder shippers helps their clients ensure the transport of their items is problem-free and the shipments arrive on-time and intact.
by Adriana Noton
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