A Few Common Indicators For Couple TherapyA Few Common Indicators For Couple Therapy

It's inevitable that couples living together as marriage partners or otherwise will sometimes go through conflict. But when such upheavals become a constant part of being together and threatens to disrupt the union then outside intervention might be necessary. Couple therapy is one such intervention aimed at trying to help partners find ways of amicably resolving problems for the benefit of staying together. Here are some indicators when this form of professional assistance might be needed.

One or both partners is either considering having an affair, or is actually having one. Especially when such an affair has become an emotional and not merely a physical one, it's time to consider seeing someone professional for help. For it means a person's attention is less focused on the person one is sharing living space with.

Partners are fighting constantly. Physical abuse is dangerous, while verbal abuse can be just as destructive. When the latter becomes an habitual part of an intimate association it poisons everything else. It not only destroys a person's self-esteem but also breeds resentment and constant hatred.

Communication between couples have stopped completely. At first there might be furtive conversations about practical things like fetching the kids from school or taking care of this and that. But when all communication ceases it's a sure sign that external assistance is warranted.

Lovemaking has stopped happening, or it happens rarely. And when it does, it's a one-sided passionless affair. In other words, one or both individuals are only going through the motions but there's no spontaneous spark involved. This is often a sign that one or both has lost interest in each other.

For some or specific reasons, both or one of the couples are consistently having doubts about the relationship. One person is more often than not questioning whether or not to continue staying with the other. When such doubt intensifies the individual starts contributing increasingly less to the partnership, especially in terms of having an emotional presence.

One person's continuous drug and/or alcohol abuse, or persistent gambling problems are getting in the way of having meaningful relations. This not only threatens the breakdown of a marriage but also family ties when there are children involved. Many relationships have failed because the guilty party refuses to accept that there is a problem that warrants attention.

One individual's troublesome personality traits, though initially overlooked or accepted because of love, can threaten the stability of a union. Depending on the type and intensity of a person's pathology, if it goes untreated it might well ruin what once was tolerated or accepted. Often people with deep-seated personal conflicts act these out to the point where the person struggles to find meaningful employment, thereby contributing to or exacerbating a family's financial woes.

People that are prepared to seek professional assistance should keep in mind that ultimately the partners are responsible for trying to solve the problems that bring folk to therapy. Therapists are essentially mediators and depend on the readiness and contributions of both to try and resolve issues in the interest of the relationship. The above are a few but common indicators when couple therapy might be helpful.
by Adriana J. Noton
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