How To Execute A Good Retirement PlanHow To Execute A Good Retirement Plan

Retiring from the job does not mean that you are retiring from your responsibilities. You will experience a lot of changes in your life after the retirement. Planning is essential to enjoy the rest of your life. The economy is subjected to continuous ups and downs and therefore you should be financially prepared to survive difficult periods. The global economic crisis has hampered the progress of many businesses. For this reason, the stock market is not a safe place for long term investments. To avoid future financial constraints, you must have a solid retirement plan.

After you retire, you will have to heavily depend on financial sources such as social security retirement benefits, employer retirement saving plans, pensions and personal savings. The employer based saving benefits depends on the amount you saved. Therefore, you need to participate in employer based saving plans and save as much as you can.

For bank accounts and other regular investments, you have to pay taxes on interest. However, dividends that occur inside a retirement saving policy are exempted from taxes. You have to pay taxes only when money is withdrawn from this account for your expenses. The account will provide you with a substantial source of income for the rest of your life owing to its tax sheltered growth.

You must strategically increase the balance of this account in order to make it a dependable income source. The best approach for this is to raise your contributions on a periodic basis. For instance, you can increase the contribution when you enjoy a salary increase. It is a good idea to increase your contribution on a yearly basis too. Following these steps will ensure a significant balance in the account at the time you retire from the job.

You must contribute sufficiently in order to get the maximum benefit of matching contributions offered by your employer. The matching contributions can be considered as free money. If you do not contribute to the employer based savings, you will miss out o this offer by your employer. Match money doubles the advantage of your saving.

The assets of this account can be invested in several conventional investment options that offer fixed interest rates. If you are not getting the expected high return from these options, you will have to take some risk. In other words, you need to consider investing in bonds and stocks. If you choose the stock market, you might have to face tough periods since there are both ups and downs.

You need to review your account balance periodically in order to make necessary adjustments. You can adjust your contributions depending on the situation and requirements. The withdrawal rules applicable to employer based savings might differ from employer to employer. Therefore, it is essential to have a good idea of your withdrawal choices.

You find that, there are other types of investment plans that can provide financial benefits after you retire. However, you need to consider factors such as your age, eligibility, flexibility of the plan, costs, financial benefits, etc., before you can choose the right retirement plan for you. It is advisable to opt for a simple plan that maximizes your income while reducing risks.
by Adriana J. Noton
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