Give Your Baby Food To Add A Little Vinegar Give Your Baby Food To Add A Little Vinegar

In terms of the infants and young children, the acid ingredient is basically the same as the adults, but the ratio is lower than adults. Therefore, medical experts believe that it is more appropriate to let the infants to eat more vinegar; there are still a lot of benefits.

Vinegar can improve gastrointestinal self-defense capability, and can kill a large number of germs. Vinegar contains 0.4% to 0.6% of acetic acid ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of the variety of bacteria. So, especially in the local bacteria and virus-like illness, the parents should add some vinegar in the dishes, which both can increase the appetite of children, and kill the bacteria in the children’s body.

Moreover, to eat vinegar can increase the appetite. As we all know, vinegar can be appetizer. Parents generally come across children do not want to eat. At this point, if you add some vinegar in the dishes, you can make child’s stomach acid thickened, which plays the role of enhancing gastric peristalsis and promoting the food digestion, thus enhancing the child’s appetite, so that the children do not want to eat food.

Furthermore, vinegar can also protect vitamin C to promote children energy. People all know that vitamin C is an integral part of nutrients in the human body, which not only can make people more energy, but also reduce the risk of various cancers, restrain the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. The body needs vitamin C, which is the main source of vegetables and fruits. However, this substance cannot stand heat; as long as the vegetables rich in vitamin C cooked a little time will destroy the material structure of the vitamin, making it difficult for the body to absorb and utilize. However, if the parents add a teaspoon of vinegar in cooking, the vitamin C will be effectively protected; at the same time, the trace element in vegetables is also more easily absorbed by the body.

In addition, vinegar can absorb and utilize various kinds of nutrition. When parents cook soup for children, you can put appropriate vinegar in the soup, it will make the iodine, calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients in the bones to maximize allay out into the soup, and easy to blend in the soup, which is easy to allow the body to absorb. And when you cook fish soup, do not forget to add some vinegar, which not only allows the bone softened, but also let the calcium dissolved in the soup, which is easy to be digested by the children.

by Toryyang
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