Garbage Classification Is Good For Our Environment Garbage Classification Is Good For Our Environment

Every day, people want to take out the garbage, but most families put all kinds of waster into a bad to discharge. They do not realize the harm to the environment by this approach.

However, dangerous waste has one or more hazardous properties with toxic, explosive, flammable, corrosive, chemically reactive, infectious, radioactive and other, which can pollute environment. The hazardous waste containing toxic and hazardous substances poses a great threat to human health and the environment. Once the harmful nature breaks out, it not only can make people and animals poisoning, and can also cause a fire and explosion, and also cause air pollution due to burning, wind blowing, sublimation and weathering. In addition, it is also possible that the waste through the rain and snow penetrate to contaminate the soil or groundwater, and from surface runoff erodes and pollutes the rivers and lakes, resulting in long-term and difficult to restore hidden dangers and consequences.

From the perspective of industrial ecology, garbage is the resources placed in the wrong location, and is the raw material resources can be used by people one day. However, if the useful material content in recycling resources is too low, the costs of the collection will be too high. If every family classify the garbage, that is, in the daily life they do garbage classification directly, which can greatly enhance the value of the resource recovery. Waster classification is not a thing which can be done or cannot be done, it is an imperative thing.

Moreover, in the daily waste dispose, we should pay attention to some details. You can adopt the covered container; you should often obscure the trash can, to avoid children contacting to the livestock; you can use the right bags to wrap in garbage, and then put them into the container, but you must keep the container clean; put the glass or other things which can cause accidents in a transparent bag, at the same time, they should be separately from other waste; before you place the garbage on the outside of garbage collection bins, you should seal the garbage bags well; moreover, you should use sturdy bad to hold the garbage containing liquid ingredients; the garbage should be placed in the room for a shorter time, the waste should be put into the appropriate collection point every day; you should always use paper bags or garbage collection container, instead of littering.

As the member of the earth, we should love and protect our environment.

by Toryyang
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