Keylogging Tools - 6 Amazing UsesKeylogging Tools - 6 Amazing Uses

A keylogging software or hardware helps you track all activities that go on in a computer. All you have to do is install the system in your computer and get ready to track usage. The software boots along with the computer and henceforth, every activity performed on the computer can be tracked.

Beware of unscrupulous keyloggers

Keylogger tools can be extremely useful for a wide range of activities. However, not all of these systems are good for you. For one, these are the favorite tools of hackers. Programs for keylogging are including within spam or malware. When you click on the link containing it, the keylogger leaks into your system, installs itself and begins tracking your activities. Important details about your personal and financial data could leak out.

So, you should protect your computer using an anti-keylogger system. When this software is installed in your computer, it detects hidden keystroke loggers as well. You can then remove these unwanted keyloggers from your system.

What are the different uses that these tools can be put to? Here are six amazing uses.

Child control

These tools are great to monitor a child's activities on a computer. With steadily escalating internet crimes against children, parents can be much relieved when they know what exactly their child does on the computer.

Cheating spouse?

Here is some news for you. Studies have found that in the United States, nearly 60 percent of married people, men and women, cheat on their spouses. These were the people in the study group who accepted to infidelity. Researchers figure that some people in their huge study group could be hiding facts. How do you know that your spouse is not among the cheats? Use the keylogger to find out.

Are your employees enjoying at your cost?

It is not an uncommon thing to find employees having fun with your money, and getting paid for it too! If you notice a drop in productivity, misuse of productive time could be a major contributing factor. Surveys have found that the most common misuse of office facilities is through the Internet. Employees chat, play games and sometime, indulge in illegal activities such as gambling or watching adult stuff. To prevent such things, install keylogger and ensure that employers do only what they are paid to do – work.

Backup your info

If you are looking for a simple and effective way of keeping backups for all activities that you perform on your computer, keylogger can be your solution. Install it in your computer and track your activities. Who said that this extremely useful system is only for tracking another person's actions? Keylogger can be a foolproof way of creating secret backups of all your data.

Monitoring in schools

The Internet and computer have become an integral part of the school curriculum. Teachers and school administrators can use the keylogging system ensure that children don't misuse the computer facilities provided to them for educational purposes.

Investigate crime

If you are a detective or an investigator, keylogger can be your best friend and tool. Track the activities of potential suspects and ensure that crimes are solved more quickly.
by Keaton Sears
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It is essential to employ keylogger software based on your need. Visit the link to get a product comparison so that you can decide which features are most important to you and your system.
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