You And Your Dog On A Journey - Preparations Need To Know!You And Your Dog On A Journey - Preparations Need To Know!

Dogs become a friend since the time they enter the household and take it on themselves to protect, play, guard and love unconditionally. Companionship is a lesson they give freely although it might vary from dog to dog. Not all dogs have same qualities. Some are just friends; others are more preferred for their protective instincts. The qualities and characteristics vary hugely from one breed to the other and also on the training they might have received and the way they are allowed to socialize. Irrespective of the breed, if you have one that you have to take with you on a journey there are many considerations. Pet accessories, health requirements, food items, certifications and other things that need of which might present itself during the journey.

Travelling with Your Protector / Companion / Loyal Friend

Travelling long distance with dogs has become restricted by regular transportations like buses and trains. Ships also don’t allow people to carry their pets. There are only cars and air plane in which they could be carried them. There are certain things that you would like to before embarking on a journey with them.

In Car

Cars could be considered when your pet has to be taken along with you. Things to be checked before:
1. Air Conditioning / heating system to be pre-checked to avoid a problem later
2. Make Dog used to of car and car travelling for the longer trip
3. Medications for motion or anxiety sickness
4. Sedatives and anti-nausea medicines
5. Medical check up of the dog beforehand

Items needed

You might need the following on the way:

1. Identification tags
2. Micro-chipped collars
3. Dog leashes
4. Health certificates and injection / vaccination proofs
5. First aid kit
6. Bottled water
7. Heartworm pills
8. Booster vaccines (check with vet)
9. Dog Harness
10. Dog crates
11. Photos of him (in case if he goes missing)
12. Usual food
13. Dog toys
14. His water and food bowls

The list can go on long but covers the basic necessities.

In Air Plane

Well unlike cars, your dogs cannot accompany you in the plane but will come separately. They generally are kept with other dogs and pets travelling to the destination where you are going but not exactly with you, to avoid inconvenience to the other passengers of the plane. Although, this depends on airline policies as well as travelling tickets (he might travel with you in the cabin). This might make carrying certain things more important than others list like:

1. All the above mentioned items including dog treats
2. Dog’s Health Record
3. Health certificate issued by vet 10 days before the journey
4. Dog Carrier
5. Microchip registration papers
6. Regulations of the destinations you are going

Bring along the things that he could relate to home. That will allow him to adjust to the changes quickly!
by Kedy
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Kedy is providing informative articles to help pet owners make better choices when shopping for pet food & accessories. He is sharing tips to travel with pets and essential frills you need when travelling with your dog.
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