B2B Marketing And E-commerceB2B Marketing And E-commerce

B2B marketing or business to business marketing involves one business selling goods or services to the other. It is a form of marketing, which usually doesn’t utilise mass media marketing tools. Industries need several products to create a product, these do not enter commercial markets, and they are usually marketed through more direct forms of communication. E-commerce websites helps business to market product easily to other businesses. Business marketers across the globe consider a good website as a necessity. Online businesses have grown rapidly over the decade; there are millions of websites for business-to-business marketers online.

When businesses start a website online, they start it to inform the public about the basic product information. The function of websites quickly changed they are much more creative and promote brand image and helps in positioning the brand online. Websites are more interactive and they are able to disseminate information amongst the masses.

Developing and maintaining a site takes a lot of time, b2b marketers need to attract the attention of other business, they need to be creative and effective and needs to be updated constantly. Based on a defined marketing objective the website needs to be designed around this.

Every form of communication has its own set of objectives; primarily it is to create awareness. A website helps in creating awareness for the brand and its products. Global businesses are able to stay in touch with other businesses through websites. E-commerce sites in particular are able to utilise this to their advantage, they are able to sell products globally with ease.

Websites help in generating interest amongst target groups. Engaging the target audience helps build up interests, website can be made interactive. On certain websites individuals are able to build things or personalise the site according to their taste. This keeps the audience constantly engaged. Certain websites that sell industrial products have diagrams and videos showing how their products have been used by businesses. This helps in the buying process, when a persons sees the product being used they get reassured that they can use the product for a same or similar purpose.

Dissemination of information is easier now through websites, individuals can get to know more about the products or services before they can buy them. Businesses, which sell goods for industries, can have technical specifications, with traditional modes of communication; there is lesser amount of space. A website can explain the offering in detail compared to a product brochure.

Websites help in creating a brand image, the website helping in branding the products and the brands themselves. Websites are made to portray the organisation and the products they offer. Certain brands have an identity, which is purely through their websites and sales made on them.

E-commerce sites deal with direct sales not he Internet. Business to business sales have increased since 2004, there are several websites through which individuals can buy products, companies such as Xerox sell products to other businesses. E-commerce websites, need to have a website which helps in promoting their products and in general their brand. Business-to-business marketers need to make their websites in a manner, which appeals to other businesses. Consumer oriented websites are less descriptive in nature; the target audience doesn’t have in-depth knowledge of the product or service.

Marketers can keep their audience engaged through websites, keeping the audience engaged in traditional mediums is harder and works out more expensive. Now through e-commerce websites, businesses are aware of products and services other businesses offer. E-commerce websites need to be advertised differently, users who signup to these websites to purchase products can be kept informed through newsletters. Either monthly or bimonthly newsletters can be sent across to businesses across the globe.

by Rodney Wincaster
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