Identifying Problems With Oven Bake ElementsIdentifying Problems With Oven Bake Elements

Almost all kitchens of the present days are equipped with ovens. In fact, ovens have been in existence ever since the dawn of civilization. However, like everything else, even ovens have gone through the wheel of progress and have witnessed unimaginable transformation rather, evolution. From bricks, stones and naked flames, to stainless steel, circuits and electricity, this indispensable kitchen essential may have undergone a tremendous facelift, but the spirit of the appliance still remains unchanged. The primary function of oven has remained unaltered through time, and this function is to bake. The present day ovens have far too many features and functions that make the process of baking very easy. At the same time it also permits inventing a variety of recipes in a million ways just by making some alterations at the control panel. It is crucial to remember though that heat is still the basic of baking, without which any oven will be rendered useless.

Thus, in the present day electric ovens, it is the heating elements and the baking elements that steal the show as far as importance of parts is considered. These are also the parts that face the greatest risk of damage and deterioration through months and years of use and misuse. Identifying problems with oven bake element is not very difficult. Whenever the ingredients don’t bake evenly or, don’t bake at all, owners can point their fingers at the bake elements and start with identifying what exactly has gone wrong with the same. More often than not, ovens from quality manufacturing companies are made with durable parts that are resistant to easy damages. GE, Maytag, Kenmore, Bosch, Whirlpool appliance parts can be mentioned in this respect. Bake elements from these brands or the ones at similar level are likely to go on for a very long period of time without developing defects in crucial parts like the bake elements. At the same time, owners must not dismiss the chances of untimely troubleshooting, because the longevity of appliance parts also depend upon the kind of usage they are exposed to. If the appliance is misused over and over again, there is a strong possibility that even the strongest of all ovens will give way within the first few months of use.

Jumping to conclusions when oven bake elements don’t work is the worst thing that owners can possibly do. Many times problems with the bake elements can be the contribution of some other parts than some direct defect in the bake element itself. Thus, replacing the existing bake element with a new one without running a proper identification check can cause the new ones to show the same malfunctioning like the old replaced component, rendering the entire process of replacement useless. While it is true that when bake elements of ovens wear out or, burn out or, fail the Ohm meter test, it has got to be replaced, there are other components like the oven igniters, the thermostats, oven sensors etc that can result in the bake element not working for fault of the latter. When replacement is on the cards, owners must approach quality providers like Pandora’s OEM who are known for housing the best replacement components, be it Whirlpool appliance parts or anything for that matter.
by Pandora Thomas
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The author of this article is an expert is in fixing common home appliance parts like washer parts, oven bake elements, dryer parts, range hoods etc. The author upholds the fact that quality appliance parts like Whirlpool appliance parts can endure.
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