Five Logical Reasons Why A Cat Bed Would Be Great For Your FelineFive Logical Reasons Why A Cat Bed Would Be Great For Your Feline

We've all done it - bought luxurious playthings and expensive cat food for our favourite felines for them only to momentarily stop, sniff, step backwards and hiss in displeasure at our thoughtful buy. Pet cats are naturally picky; so buying things they'll take pleasure in can be extremely challenging.

"So should I worry about purchasing a cat bed then?" - is the common dilemma that comes to most peoples' thoughts when it comes to purchasing a cat bed.

There are many good reasons why you should invest in a new cat bed for your pet though. It's a good question but here's our five points why you should purchase one.

Number 1 - It gives them their own private place. If you have other pets at home or children, from time to time it can all become too much for your feline and they simply want to exit to the refuge of a cosy place and a cat bed is perfect for that.

They are going to struggle to ignore a snug cat bed if you position it in a secluded spot that they like. Extra rooms, back rooms and underneath beds are some common locations where lots of felines like to relax.

#2 - It gives them a place to use all the time. Most cats love resting where we humans love to unwind. Our beds, the couch, dining rooms are just a few illustrations.

Yet after all; it can be quite irritating when they're resting on top of your bed every time. So offer them a place all of their own so they will stop doing it (all the time anyhow) in the future.

Thirdly a cat bed looks way more fashionable and suitable than bedroom pillows and other old soft furnishings. When your pet's resting on your old bedding; it may look super comfy - but it does not look specifically attractive for you to view.

Getting a cat bed means you can put something incredibly comfy somewhere they like to rest (window ledges and table tops for instance) in more style than an old fabric.

Reason four: You can make up a cosy spot outside for them. If they love sleeping in an unusual spot outdoors (like in a green house or storage shed as an example) - you'll be able to give them something cosy to settle in with a cat bed.

You'll be able to take your stylish cat bed out into a shady place in the summer months so they can rest out in the clean air too!

Number five - A cat radiator bed will keep them nice and warm. Radiator cat beds are amazing for moggies who like to get close to radiators or warm locations. They hang on the top of the radiator, so they get a getaway off of the ground (something cats love), which will also be toasty and warm in the winter months.

So those were the 5, very good reasons why you should go and buy a cat bed for your pet. You should think too of for the cost of 20-30 pounds, you could discover a real diamond buy for your feline that they'll adore for a long time.

by Joe David
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