Family Planning Methods ExplainedFamily Planning Methods Explained

Ideally a family should live a comfortable lifestyle. It means that parents must provide their children a good home, enough food, clothes and all other basic needs. It's advisable that a couple should plan their family so that they will not have a hard time providing all the needs of their children. One of the ways to plan a family is deciding the right number of children to have. If you are financially capable of supporting as many kids as you can, then go ahead. But if you and your spouse have only enough financial resources to support two kids then its best to use birth control methods.

The Calendar Method

Regarded as the oldest and most natural birth control method, the couple calculates the time of ovulation and abstaining from having sex during that time. The method is done by by counting 14 days backward from the first day of the woman's monthly menstruation. After identifying the time of ovulation, the couple decides to stop having intercourse during the ovulation day. This method is popular, however it is not 100% effective. There are some cases that a couple can conceive a baby even if they used this method.

The Withdrawal Method

Another natural method of birth control is called coitus interruptus or "withdrawal method". This is done by removing the man's penis out from the woman's vagina prior to ejaculation, so that semen could not enter into it. There are millions of couples who use this particular method, which can be effective if done properly. However there is still a chance of pregnancy if not done properly. Medical experts believe that pre-ejaculate can contain sperm that could fertilize an egg, therefore some would not recommend this kind of method because of its high risk for pregnancy. This method can also indirectly cause sexually-transmitted diseases which is a higher complication of the withdrawal method.

Artificial Methods

Technology has developed more effective methods of birth control. Condoms, Intra-Uterine Device (IUD), spermicides and birth control pill are readily available and can be bought in drugstores or clinics. These kinds are proven to be effective, but still there are certain disadvantages if you decide to use them as your birth control method.

Now if by accident you got pregnant, then it's recommendable to undergo a medical abortion as early as possible should you decide not to continue. Go to a medical practitioner and ask them about the safest methods of abortion available.

by James Pen
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