How To Create A Resume For A Call Center Job?How To Create A Resume For A Call Center Job?

Whether you are applying for an entry-level call center job or not; many prospective employers look for specific skills and information in your resume that will help them identify your potential. Your resume would create your first impression, long before you come face-to-face with the employer. Bearing a strong, clear resume can convey to your employer your potent qualities that would benefit the job profile as well as succeed his/ her expectations.

How to create a resume to get you through the door for an interview?

Step 1: Embed well into your resume, all the knowledge you possess for this job profile and the amount of work you have pursued prior to applying for this job. Do the required research about the call center you have applied and try to include a ‘product knowledge’ section if you do have some knowledge about the product/ process they deal with.

Step 2: The start of your resume should introduce yourself bold and well defined. Make use of “BOLD” and clear font at the top of your resume to provide personal information that should ideally include, name, contact number, email address as well as personal mailing address.

Step 3: Write a one to two line ‘objective’ to describe the job profile you are considering and try to play smart by using the same words that were put up in the job description that had been posted by the call center itself.

Step 4: Create a section that reads ‘summary of qualifications’ and summarize all your experience up to date. Note down all your special skills of working as a good team player as well as your ability to work under pressure irrespective of the gravity of the situation. Stress on your English communication skills and note down your English speaking fluency as it is a call center and that is one of their major business concerns.

Step 5: Jot down your experience alongside the company you worked for, and the time you have served at each company. In addition, mention the post you have worked for in each company with a short, one line job description.

Step 6: Include all your educational qualifications and relevant courses that you have pursued. Chalk in your extra- curricular activities, certifications, as well. This will give your resume a structure that will complete your personal and professional information.

Step 7: Make a pointer describing your ‘hobbies’. State below all your personal hobbies, which do not need to be related to your professional life. Instead, keep them all related to the recreational aspect of lifestyle.

When preparing your resume, always make it a point to keep the English language as a priority. While putting down the points, make sure to keep the English fluent and simpler rather than patchy and complex. A well- created resume would mean half your battle has been won! Scoring in the job interview is as important as bagging the job itself.
Prepare for the interview by improving your spoken English skills and introducing an added polish to your English speaking fluency.

You can join an online spoken English class to get yourself trained for a call center job.

by Satish Poman
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Satish Poman is a prolific Mumbai-based freelance writer who writes on numerous topics including How to improve English, Success tips, Education and Learn fluent Spoken English.

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