Why Bother Running A PR Campaign?Why Bother Running A PR Campaign?

PR campaigns are put together by public relation companies in order to increase public awareness about a certain company, brand, product or even person. The overall aim of a public relations campaign is to provide the product or company in question with good publicity and form a solid relationship between themselves and the public.

Now it may sound like the work of a PR company is extremely similar to that of an advertiser. However in many ways good PR is harder to achieve than a good advertisement for one main difference. The content the public receives is not produced by the PR company itself, instead the information will come from a different source, such as a journalist. Therefore, the public are more likely to believe it. However, this means that when a negative article or piece of information is placed in circulation it is more difficult to diminish or turn into a positive. Due to this, many people believe that great public relations campaigns can be far more effective than advertising.

There are many different reasons for a company to invest in a public relations campaign. Some of these could be:

-       Build relations between the company and the public.

-       Introduce a new brand or product concept.

-       Generate interest in a product and subsequently boost sales.

-       Diminish the chances of negative publicity being found on internet search engine sites.

There are also many different platforms a company may choose to broadcast their public relations campaign. For example:

-       Interviews

-       Published articles

-       Sponsorships

-       Attending events within the local community

-       Letters

-       Emails

Therefore a public relations campaign allows the PR company to control, to a certain extent, what information is made available to the public.

Many PR companies are based in London, as this is where many media companies and organisations are based. A PR company in London may decide to evaluate three things before designing a public relations campaign, outputs, outtakes and outcomes. Outputs are the platforms which the campaign has been broadcast on, outtakes are the results of broadcasting on these platforms and outcomes are the effects a campaign has had, both on the company, product or ability to change public opinion.

So as you can see a public relations campaign must be carefully planned and executed as it can have drastic effects on the credibility of a business. This is due to the fact that unlike an advertising or marketing campaign, the business does not have a say over how it is promoted or received by the public. However, a successful campaign can provide a business with significant benefits such as increased awareness and subsequently can provide the company with a larger fan base and thus an increased profit margin.

by Ben Fox
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