Alterna Caviar: Hair Care Luxury ChoiceAlterna Caviar: Hair Care Luxury Choice

How to take care of your hair in a healthy way and be earth loving and luxuriously fabulous at the same time? I know the secret!

On my quite long time career as hairstylist I have tried many proffessional hair products.

One was always sure for me: always choose proffessional products because of its high quality ingredients. But I went deeper with my knowledge..I wanted to know the technology. How they make the products, what are exactly the ingredients...where the ingredients come from and how they do the nececcery work. I have discovered for me 2 good brands what convince me with their philosophy and I have also seen the real results. What could be the best prove for to be convinced? There are 2 favorite brands and one of them is Alterna .

Alterna for those who care about the animal testing, keeping the earth clean, wants to have organic ingredients and have luxury feeling at the same time. I really am one of those people. There are various ranges of products. I chose for me Alterna Caviar products. They are for people who are over 30 because its anti- ageing effect. We all take care of our skin. We use anti-ageing creams for skin..but what about our hair? With age our hair becomes brittle and without shine. The magic words for me were : Free Of: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Color, Sodium Chloride, Paraffin, Gluten, DEA/TEA, Mineral Oil & Petrolatum.

Parabens are preservatives. They are in their own way nececcery but there are better selection of them but usually also more expensive.

So...Alterna is using the more expensive preservatives what are keeping your product from going bad and is same time harmful for your health.

Parabens instead are connected with irritation and even with cancer.

Sulfates are for make the product foam..and we all think that the foam is nice, smooth, and nececcary for clean the hair properly. But actually its drying your hair and scalp. Now its big trend to leave out all sulfates from products...but Alterna was years long ahead from lot of other companies.

Phthalates can damage the reproductive hormone system and cause birth defects, cancer and germ cell reproduction. So attention pregnant women. They are in the products for soften the plastic bottles.

The synthetic colors used to supposedly make a cosmetic "pretty". Synthetic colors are believed to be cancer-causing agents.

Sodium chloride, better known as table salt, is used as a thickener in shampoos and conditioners containing sodium lauryl sulfate. It's a contributing factor to the eye irritation experienced with most shampoos, and it may also cause dry and itchy scalp. According to, salt may cause damage to the liver, lungs, and immune system. also cause some hair loss. May cause depression of nervous system, diarrhea, and reproductive system disorders.

Paraffin is petroleum based product. These chemicals commonly used in cosmetic ingredients are byproducts of and derived from crude oil and may have known or potential carcinogenic (cancer causing) effects.Same goes to mineral oil.

Gluten free products are important to people with celiac disease. It can lead to symptoms like stomach cramps, bloating, chronic diarrhea, and anemia, and can damage the small intestine, preventing proper nutrient absorption.

DEA is used widely because it provides a rich lather in shampoos and keeps a favorable consistency in lotions and creams.DEA and TEA :these chemicals are capable of disrupting human hormones and may form cancer-causing nitrates.

I am aware that all that information makes you feel lost..but thats the truth about cosmetic products. This was about the bad things what are important to know. Now I will tell you about the good things inside. I start from the name of the product: Caviar.

Caviar was usually presented as the favorite delicacy at the table of Kings and aristocrats.Caviar is rich in protein(26%).Caviar also contains vitamins (especially vitamin A, group B, D, and E ) and oligo elements.Caviar Extract has moisturizing and emollient properties because of its hygroscopic, water-retaining substances, which improves hydration.

Enzymetherapy®: A proprietary enzyme delivery system that enables the absorption of essential ingredients for superior keratin formation.

Color Hold®: Infuses hair with plant-derived melanin for extreme color protection and the prevention of color wash out. Protects hair from UVA, UVB & visible light including artificial light sources.

For me Alterna works really good because i have sensitive scalp and quite thin hair. So any kind of heavy stuff is making me irritated and the hair goes more fast greasy and is lousing the shine. With Alterna my scalp feels really good, my hair has fabulous shine and they feel light. I don't have to refresh my haircolor on the length. This way I am save my hair and money and also my precious time. Same time I really care about my body and health. If I can choose the ingredience then i choose the best! Alterna is for me the best at the moment in the market.

For these reasons I suggest Alterna luxury product to my clients.

by Janeli Leppik
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Janeli international Master hairstylist
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