3 Easy Ways Balancing Your Body Can Balance Your Life3 Easy Ways Balancing Your Body Can Balance Your Life

If you find your days getting a little lopsided, it might be time to find out if you can still stand on one foot. That may sound silly, but in fact if our bodies are off center, it may be telling us something. If we spend too many days tied to a desk, or in a car, our physical sense of balance starts to suffer. And when our body loses its balance, so can our world.

Try this simple balance test.

Stand straight, with your hands out at either side. Raise one leg, and see if you feel any unsteadiness. Then close your eyes. Did you start to sway a bit more?

Age, loss of muscle strength, and a lot of sitting in front of computers and TVs, all may contribute to a gradual loss of standing balance. Over time loss of balance can make you feel less steady on your feet and less confident in your walk. But a few simple steps can help you regain balance you may have lost.

1.Exercise does wonders. Strength training, yoga, tai chi, ballet, and many more physical activities all help you improve your balance. Some have specific balance building poses. And as you gain strength and flexibility, you also gain confidence, just by how you feel.

2.Balance your plate. Who knew our mothers were so smart? They told us to eat our fruits and vegetables, and they were right. Decades ago no meal was complete without a meat and two veg. Then came fast food, and orange crunchy things in a bag.

It doesn't matter which exact food are on your plate; by now you know the drill. But a balance of colors, textures, proteins and healthy carbohydrates in your diet does make a difference in your life. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that adequate amounts of B vitamins are essential for the health of the inner ear, which regulates our sense of balance and equilibrium.

3. Balance your food intake. In his book The Fast Diet, Dr. Michael Mosley explains that humankind was not built to eat constantly. In fact, much of human history was pretty much a feast or famine sort of existence. Even in our modern world, his research suggests, we can feel healthier and less sluggish if we balance big eating days with days when we and eat much less.

You can go ahead and enjoy celebrations, and game days, but if you give your body a rest from so much food the day after, you may feel better in the long run.

A confident stance helps you balance your day. When you feel stronger, and physically more balanced, both inside and outside your body, it can change how you approach everything you do. Physical strength recharges your emotional strength. Better physical balance gives you poise, and a sense of calm assurance that those around you can see and respond to. Balance your body and you can balance your world.

Have you had an experience where better physical balance made a change in your life? Please share it with us, in the comment box below.

by Janet Wolfe
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