Productivity Rules: A Few Helpful Tips To Increase Warehouse EfficiencyProductivity Rules: A Few Helpful Tips To Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse efficiency is critical to the success of every business. Determining ways to quickly and effectively get products off the shelves and into the hands of consumers is vital to long-term success, so it's important at times to take a step back, analyze your operation, and look at ways to improve the functionality within your facility. Sometimes, vast improvements can be made by making minor tweaks. In other cases, it could take a complete overhaul of the way you do things in your day-to-day operations to achieve success. The important thing to remember is that finding time to look at the way you operate and thinking about what can be changed to make your business run more efficiently will lead to success. Here are a few helpful tips that can help you lead to better warehouse efficiency:

Use the Right Equipment

Utilizing the right material handling equipment - from the correct pallet racking system to the ideal forklifts for loading and unloading goods - is key to maintaining an efficient warehouse. It's important to make sure that the industrial shelving system meets your storage demand needs, and that your forklifts are able to access all loads. This also fits in with having a proper warehouse layout, with a racking system in place that leaves ample room for the equipment to operate while also maximizing the usable storage space within the facility.

Organize Your Stock

Time is money in any business, so it makes perfect sense to have a well-organized facility, specifically in terms of products. Organization in this sense, though, is two-fold: first, that the products you are storing are where you think they are at all times, and second, that the products are stored in areas based on demand. Knowing exactly where you need to go to retrieve goods will save ample time in the order picking process. Additionally, products that tend to move off the shelves quickly should be stored in a place that allows for quick and easy picking. If demand for some products tends to fluctuate seasonally, then you should plan accordingly to try and make sure the most sought-after items always remain in easily accessible areas.

Get Rid of Back Stock

Clearing clutter from your warehouse will certainly help lead to better efficiency within your business. Storage space is extremely valuable, so if there are items on your shelves that you no longer distribute, take the time to identify them and move to figure out the best course of action of ridding them from the premises. In some cases, donating them to charitable organizations could be a possibility. Selling items in bulk at a discount is another option that can result in a quick solution.

Listen to Employee Suggestions

Your employees are the ones out in the warehouse taking care of the day-to-day duties, so you can trust they'll have a good read on what's going on. Listen to - and even ask for - their suggestions on how operations can be improved. They certainly understand that the more productive the business is the more likely they are to reap benefits, and workers who know that their opinions and advice is valued will be forthcoming and take the time to help point out needs that ought to be addressed in order to better the overall operation.

by Charlie O'Brien
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Charlie O'Brien is a professional writer specializing in the material handling industry. His writing focuses on new and used pallet rack, cantilever rack, and other industrial shelving, and his work has been featured on multiple material handling industry websites.
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