Low-Density Pallet Racking: Some Common Types Available And The Advantages With Using These SystemsLow-Density Pallet Racking: Some Common Types Available And The Advantages With Using These Systems

Pallet racking has evolved into the storage system of choice for industrial operations and many other businesses in cities throughout the United States, and for very good reason. The systems offer tremendous storage capabilities and, if designed and constructed properly, can maximize the available storage space within a facility. Of course, there are many different forms of pallet racking available on the market today, and many business owners have limited knowledge of industrial shelving, at least not enough to make the important decision as to which system would be suit their company's needs. However, gaining a better understanding of some common types of low-density pallet racking, and the advantages of utilizing one of these storage systems within a facility, can prove beneficial.

Single Deep and Double Deep

The two most common low-density pallet rack systems are single-deep racking and double-deep racking. Single-deep pallet racks are the lowest density option available. The system is constructed through the fastening of metal uprights and cross beams, which create bays where single palletized loads are stored. A double-deep pallet rack system, the density aspects are doubled, meaning two loads are able to be stored per pallet bay.


The amount of access to palletized loads is an extremely important factor when considering which pallet racking system to choose. Low-density options offer tremendous accessibility because of the few pallets stored per bay. Single-deep systems offer access to every palletized load, meaning that you can reach every single pallet at any given time. This type of system would be ideal for a company that offers products that have a very short shelf life and for companies that offer a wide range of products and moves much of that stock relatively quickly. Once a pallet is removed from a single-deep system, the bay is open and available for another pallet to be loaded. Double-deep pallet racking also offers good accessibility, but the system operates as a LIFO, or last-in, first-out model. This means that the last pallet loaded per bay would be the one that can be accessed first - and that the last pallet in would need to be removed in order to reach the other palletized load stored in the rear position of the bay.

Lower Cost

The cost of pallet racking is based on density, so lower-density rack systems can be a much cheaper solution to your storage needs. While some higher-density racking options can cost as much as $400 per pallet bay - though obviously storing multiple pallets per bay - some single-deep options can cost as low as $75 per pallet position. Double-deep racking is available for less than $100 per bay in many instances. The price points here make lower-density racking systems among the most affordable industrial shelving options available on the market.

Seek Assistance

The best way to go about selecting pallet racking is to rely on the expertise of a qualified racking consultant. Seeking professional assistance from a racking consultant will ultimately lead to you purchasing and constructing a racking system that is ideal to suit your business's specific needs.

by Charlie O'Brien
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Charlie O'Brien is a professional writer specializing in the material handling industry. His writing focuses on new and used pallet rack, cantilever rack, and other industrial shelving, and his work has been featured on multiple material handling industry websites.
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