Beauty Is Not Easy To Make, Right Is Not Easy To MakeBeauty Is Not Easy To Make, Right Is Not Easy To Make

Beauty is woman's nature, however, due to disputes hairdressing occur frequently. Reporters learned from the business sector, the recent relative increase in Linyi hairdressing complaints, mainly because businesses use inferior beauty salon supplies, harm to consumers. For several cases, the newspaper here to give your reminder.

Case I: 20 days whitening did not bear fruit, 1,260 yuan hairdressing almost "bad deal"

Because of their facial skin than black, Malus County Miss Jia obsessed with looking to be a beauty salon skin care whitening look. Not long ago, she learned from the ads have a beauty salon skin whitening effect is good, so they went to try holding the psychological center to do this skin whitening skin care treatments.

Beautician seen Ms. Jia 's facial skin, the name of the package vote, said two courses to solve the problem, definitely make Ms. Jia to see satisfactory results. Miss Jia felt very happy to hear, actively cooperate with the beautician began two courses of whitening treatment.

Two courses with time 20 days is over, when she looked in the glass to see the effect, the feeling does not change their facial complexion, find classmates to see, feel the effect is not obvious, let Miss Jia felt very angry, I feel cheated.

July 10, she found care centers to request a refund, skin care center does not agree to a refund. In desperation, Ms. Jia came Pingyi County Business Council appeals. Business sector investigation concluded that the two sides had reached agreement without prior skin care, business commitments invalid refund, since there Commitment Agreement, in no apparent effect after two courses, in accordance with the agreement between care centers should be unconditional return of the relevant fees. After mediation, the care centers eventually returned to the consumer beauty 1260 yuan fee.

Case II: beauty salons actually use the "three noes"skincare refund and punished

July 26, Ms. Wang bought a city a beauty salon beauty products, the two sides agreed on a regular basis to the salon for a free skin care.

After a few times daily skin care, Ms. Wang felt that something was amiss with the product, not only pungent odor, but there is a slight allergy after use.

Wang carefully check the product and found that this is not even the production date skincare, health permits and production license number.

Learned that he was actually purchased a set of three non- product, Ms. Wang sternly return requirements, but was refused salons charge. Helpless, Ms. Wang call the command center reported 12,315 complaints hotline.

Lanshan Industry Branch law enforcement officers through verification, validation is the case, then ordered to refund the beauty spot Wang shopping section 1600 yuan, and shall be sold to the beauty salon "three noes"cosmetics be detained.

Case 3: rhinoplasty failure, there is no invoice difficult activist

Ms. Xue spent last year in October 3200 yuan to do rhinoplasty surgery, nose surgery has been redness, find beauty salon, beautician said it was a normal reaction, and other skin adapted to the line. But time passed more than nine months, Ms. Xue 's nose has not improved, but more severe.

Miss Xue to consult a doctor that specialized hospitals, red nose rhinoplasty because salons in the process of repair too light on the nose, while the silicone prosthesis is too high, resulting in more than bear skin elasticity.

The hospital also told her that if we do not take remedial measures, nose skin has been the danger of bursting at the seams. Listen to the doctor to say, Ms. Xue vexation, busy salons to find the original surgery, requiring medical expenses required to undertake remedial successor, who knows, but refused to recognize the surgical failure beautician.

A dispute arose after the upgrade, salons even Miss Zeng Weixue done rhinoplasty do not recognize it. Helpless, Ms. Xue call 12315 hotline for help to the business sector.

Lanshan Industry Branch Ms. Xue complaints against law enforcement officers conducted a survey of the implementation, found that the range of operation of beauty salons skin care, cosmetic surgery does not have the qualifications, but Miss Xue not provide the relevant evidence in this surgery. Due to insufficient evidence, a request for Ms. Xue defenders failed mediation success.

Case four : the "three noes"perm water into the hair shedding

To the salon perm, perm water due cause severe hair loss, numerous experiences of finding salon unsuccessful negotiations. Ms. Zhang hotline call 12315 reflects his own salon experience.

November 2 last year, Ms. Zhang, who lives in the city in the county Linshu a salon perm, when the clerk strongly recommend a price of 100 yuan hot air, saying only engage in activities because of lower prices, discount prices before 360 yuan.

See this discount, Ms. Zhang did not hesitate to perm. Who knows, after perm hair fall was particularly serious, Ms. found barbershop claim compensation, several unsuccessful negotiations.

Business law enforcement officers convened a conciliation between the two sides reached a barber shop to give Miss Zhang 100 yuan compensation agreement.

Business law enforcement officers in the salon perm water used to check and found that the shop is not actually used perm water batch number, address, date of three non-product, so be seized according to law and investigation.

Case Five: skin allergies provoke trouble actually cosmetic mischief

Last December 20, who lives in the town of Pingyi Ms. Yan Paul too, in a store to buy a set of individual facial cosmetic whitening cosmetics, spend 315 yuan. Normal five days later, she found his face was swollen and there is still itching pain allergies.

The next day, Ms. Yan rushed to the town to find the dealer demands the return of the cosmetics, cosmetic shops were seen Miss Yan 's face, insisted that their product is no problem, and that is Miss Yan caused by improper use, only agreed gift 3 vials to Miss Yan repair cream for facial restoration.

Ms. Yan thought, no problem as long as repaired, mended to a few days later, without any change in the face, repair cream did not play its due effect, and also appeared on the arms allergy symptoms. She was diagnosed with Miss Yan is contact dermatitis caused by cosmetics.

January 8 this year, Miss Yan came Pingyi CASE make a complaint. CASE staff investigation concluded that the complaint is true, and on January 9 between the parties in the mediation. Eventually, the person in charge of cosmetics shop Miss Yan agreed for the purchase of cosmetics refunds processed and one-time compensation Miss Yan 900.

CASE reminder: "four to see "Selecting assured Salons

In recent years, the rapid development of various beauty institutions, but there have been mixed phenomenon. As a consumer, how to choose one 's own observations assured of professional beauty salons do?

To see if a legitimate business, with or without professional technicians

Professional beauty institutions, not only have a legitimate business license, and must have a relevant certificate issued by the industry, engaged in medical and cosmetic services, but also issued a license to practice medical institutions.

Because beauty has a strong professional and technical characteristics, practitioners must follow the "beautician functional technical grade standards "requirement, the implementation of certificates.

Second look professional equipment and beauty items are compatible

A qualified beauty salon must provide some basic conventional equipment. Such as ion spray machine, ultrasonic beauty instrument, other factors such as laser eyebrow washing machines, computers beauty machine, capsule, vibration massager, etc., should be made? to coincide beauty items and grades, which can play a relevant role.

Three to see if the file has a beauty

Professional beauty salon every customer receives a new will create a customer profile. This is not only for the communication links with customers and set up, but also the customers preoperative and postoperative follow-up service situation a true record. For example, you which medications to take? What exercise habits? How to sleep? Mood is relaxed? What is the purpose for beauty?......

Beautician guests to fully understand this lifestyle and physical condition, easy to put forward a more reasonable beauty advice.

If a beautician, the physical condition of the customers indifferent, rattled promote care package, then you should say "bye" leave.

Four symptomatic look under the "single" or thousands of people a "party"

Professional beauty salons, beauty consultants first be qualified to give you check the skin, and then design a most suitable for your skin care treatments. Beauty consultant will check your face grease distribution lines reactions, skin color differences, in order to identify your skin problem is large pores, acne or clogged, water and so on.

by Jerri Lily
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I am a professional editor from IIPL Beauty Machine, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. contains a great deal of information about Laser Beauty Machine.
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