F-20 Aircraft May Multi- Conductor Combat UAVsF-20 Aircraft May Multi- Conductor Combat UAVs

Yesterday afternoon, the domestic super-camp military forum, there has been domestic stealth unmanned attack aircraft "sword" prototype first flew pictures quickly on the Internet caused a large area of ​​the "crowd" and forwarding. Military expert Li Li said in an interview, said that China's future needs can be mounted on the aircraft carrier stealth drone attack aircraft, or with the F-20 form an effective match.

According to eyewitnesses, yesterday at noon, 1 pm, this widely watched star UAV flight test center in the Southwest a successful maiden flight, which lasted nearly 20 minutes. Global Times reported that China-made "sword" unmanned attack aircraft successfully completed its first flight, marking China has joined stealth unmanned attack aircraft developed the first echelon. Means that China became the United States (X-47B), France ( " neurons " ), the United Kingdom ( "Thor" ), the world's first four complete large flying wing stealth unmanned attack aircraft first flight of the country.

The most talked about China's future and what kind of stealth unmanned attack aircraft, the Li Li said that if we can finish the next long-range target depth to the enemy assault combat aircraft, stealth UAV should be large, weighs six tons to reach ten tons, which is a large UAVs, because only such a large amount of head and body, in order to mount the weapon on top, otherwise it is empty talk.

In addition, there are stealth performance, if not invisible, how can you go penetration task? Although the UAV lower cost than was confidential, but if you finish the task, with no is the same, therefore, to solve the stealth materials, aerodynamic shape and other issues, this is still an integrated project.

In addition to a large head and stealth , but also must have a relatively large weapon carrying capacity, which after a few possess in order to truly define the future we need UAVs.

Li Li said that there is little future stealth unmanned attack aircraft, whether it could be like the U.S. X-47B, as in aircraft carrier takeoff. Only mounted on the aircraft carrier, "legs" to stretch longer, to fly away. If you can, and manned fighters, such as the F-20 to form an effective mix directed by the F-20 fighter jets to attack multiple UAVs, it 's combat capability can really shone forth.

Yesterday afternoon, the domestic super- camp military forum, there has been domestic stealth unmanned attack aircraft "sword" prototype first flew pictures quickly on the Internet caused a large area of ​​the "crowd" and forwarding. Meng Xiangqing military expert, said in an interview, "sword" maiden flight of the message needs to be approved officially confirmed, these unmanned stealth attack aircraft's role is to be the first time, the depth of the enemy targets and high-value targets, particularly there is a strong air defense capability of the target penetration missions.

Network news, the day 13 am, AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute Design, Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation manufactured domestically "sword" unmanned attack aircraft, a flight test center in the Southwest successfully completed its first flight, which lasted nearly 20 minutes .

"Global Times" reported that "sword" means that China has achieved its first flight from the UAV unmanned combat aircraft to cross. Air power in the world are developing their own unmanned combat aircraft, including the U.S. X-47B, the French -led "Neuron", Britain's "Thor" already completed its first flight and tested. "Sword" to make China become the world's first flight test of large fourth unmanned stealth attack aircraft in the country.

"Sword" maiden flight of the message needs to be approved officially confirmed

Spoke of "sword" flight of the news is true, the Meng Xiangqing said that the news on the Internet has been overwhelming, and this year in May, the online news that the "sword" taxiing tests carried out on the runway, but also did not take off, then online on speculation, not far from the maiden flight of the time.

Meng Xiangqing say, on the "sword" first flight news, now there are many online pictures, but this news has not been officially confirmed yet, we still want to Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed last prevail.

by Jerri Lily
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