A Message To Mediums And Those Who Wish To Speak To Their Dead RelativesA Message To Mediums And Those Who Wish To Speak To Their Dead Relatives

A 2005 Gallup poll confirmed that a large percentage of people in the world believe in the afterlife and our ability to communicate with the dead. I happen to be one of those people. As a matter of fact, not only do I believe, I know firsthand that we can speak to the dead. Only "dead" is not an appropriate word to describe them, as they aren't dead at all, but rather just as alive as we are. In addition, every single one of us is capable of talking to them.

I'm writing this article because I was asked to send a message to mediums, psychics and anyone seeking personal messages from dead relatives. My words are particularly pertinent to all those who pretend to speak to spirits. Communication between humans and spirits is by no means a new thing. In ancient times, this communication stemmed from a need to improve humanity. Shamans, oracles and prophets would transmit the spirits' messages on deep philosophical matters to their followers. But more modern times have brought about a new breed of spiritualist who provide personalized messages from the spirit world to specific individuals. These messages are, at best, fragmented and incoherent.

Today, spirits who are allegedly contacted by mediums seem to lack the ability to communicate properly or have a poor memory of the life they lived. For example, they can never get names right, picking only some of the right letters from a first name or using a combination of names. Where are the spirits who were communicating with shamans and oracles in full, coherent sentences? Are we gradually losing the ability to communicate when we die? Is the only way we can engage the afterlife through pantomime? It certainly seems that way from the new age mediums who keep referring to the spirits' "gestures," such as pointing to the head or other body part in order to convey a message.

Fortunately, I know the spirits are able to speak in volumes, coherently and intelligibly, making it obvious to me that many mediums fake their communication through deceptive practices like "cold reading." By observing body language and other physical clues, the medium asks seemingly innocent but leading questions and provides vague statements that elicit a multitude of meanings. I wouldn't have problems with any of this if it was only for the sake of entertainment. However, these phony mediums are deceiving people for personal gain, toying with their emotions, adversely affecting predestined life experiences, and giving the opposition legitimate ground for attack.

I know I have yet to establish my credibility in this field. But I still ask that you open your mind, not just to my claims, but to how you look at the abilities of mediums in general. I don't know for sure whether any of the celebrity mediums are real or not, but reliable sources and the knowledge I have gained through them lead me to severely doubt that they have the abilities they claim to have.

I understand it's awkward for me to criticize them when my claims sound just as outrageous on the surface. But unlike them, I will not give you a false sense of comfort by making you believe a deceased loved one has contacted you in order to alleviate your grief, which is actually a necessary part of your experience in this life. In fact, you will get no personal messages from me at all. Rather what I will give you is a universal message about the spiritual state of the deceased. Your loved ones do continue on, but they do not need your forgiveness. If you need to make right with a loved one, do it now before their inevitable departure to the afterlife.

To be clear, I'm not trying to bash mediums. But I want to explain to you (just as it was explained to me) why it would be almost impossible for mediums to do what they say they can do. When you pass from this world, you are transferred via tunnel to a spiritual dimension. This tunnel only opens when you die and requires a tremendous amount of energy to bridge the gap between our two dimensions. For the spirits to come back here outside of reincarnation would require a level of energy not readily available to them, thereby preventing them from appearing right at the moment when the medium does his act.

It's not to say there are no spirits who walk the earth; there definitely are. But these earthbound spirits are at a stage in their existence that precludes them from actively participating in any medium's request let alone conveying messages that would provide closure for their human counterparts. This doesn't negate the possibility that certain mediums do sense some sort of connection, but such a connection should not be treated as a conduit for personal messages.

For those who seek closure with a deceased loved one, my advice is simple. As I said earlier, we all have the ability to speak to the dead. They can hear you, see you and guide you. But for them to speak back outside of our dreams or subtle, indirect messages would require a great amount of energy. This may not sound glamorous and mystical, but it's the truth. So why not explore what's available to you? Why put your faith in someone who provides unclear, poetic messages that can have multiple meanings? Instead, engage in direct conversation with past loved ones and soul mates. Moreover, accept the notion that, when we become spirits, we shed all earthly emotions and become aware of the unified nature of our existence, giving us a whole new view of the world.

For mediums, my message is equally clear. Don't lie. Don't allow deception to become part of your path. Lies have an immensely negative effect on the afterlife. And if you're one of those true mediums who do feel a connection, you need to understand it's not actual spirits who are here next to us, gliding between dimensions as they please. Though the messages may seem real, their lack of direction and clarity means it's better not to reveal them at all (especially if the messages come from earthbound spirits). Instead, join with other mediums to deliver a universal message of spiritual renewal and prosperity.

As for me, I don't see spirits wherever I go, nor am I able to communicate with spirits on demand. My experience with them is purely within their control, and when the messages come, they're as clear as can be. It then becomes my responsibility to ensure the messages they convey remain the messages they convey.

by Guy David Uriel
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Written by Guy D. Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for us to continue evolving. Learn more about The Path http://www.pathian.org To purchase the book 111 The Path go to http://www.111thepath.com
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