Diverse Breeds Of DogDiverse Breeds Of Dog

The development of human civilization is accompanied by gradual formation of particular breeds of dog, too. In the course of time, various types of dog came into existence and every one of them suits a different type of its owner.

Who wants such a dog that will be a very quick runner, he will choose some greyhound. Who wants to have such a dog that is a strong defender and will be kept inside of house, he will choose a Bull Mastiff, for example. Who wants to bring up an obedient and smart utility dog that will be kept outside all year long, he will choose for instance a Belgian or German Shepherd. And so on.

In the whole world there are so many different breeds of dog that one often does not know which one of them he is to choose. Therefore I will mention several facts that will help to make the best choice.

My personal opinion is that that the best breeds of dog are those that are close to the wolf. It has a universally-built figure that joins power and quickness in the best ratio, but it has a big endurance, long coat and excellent instincts as well.

The breeds of dog that possess these qualities most are wolfhounds - shepherds and ovcharkas. And if we were to speak also about their ability to protect, the most powerful of them are large livestock guardians like Central Asian and Caucasian Ovcharka, Anatolian Shepherd and similarly. They were not artificially created by man, but they either develop fully naturally or they were co-created at worst.

Personally, I prefer what was created by Nature to what was created by man. In case of dogs, it means that I take so-called "natural breeds" for the better ones than all the other.

By the way, modern methods of dog training and dog feeding are not the best, which the dog is to live with. There are irreplaceable natural activities and suitable & less nutritive food that cannot be replaced by anything else.

Among the activities we can find long walks in miscellaneous terrain (uphill, downhill), a bit of fighting with other dogs, disciplining disobedient cattle units during herding, encounters with wild animals, fights with human enemies or such a protection training that imitates them perfectly etc.

As for feeding, it should not contain too much nutritive substances and any bigger amount of vitamins. The dog's organism has to do with only a medium amount of them and every now and then the dog is one day without any food.

A bit of hard work with some occasional hunger will do good to dogs. Of course, in the majority of days they are fed very well and they are rested. But if it was so all the time, they would degenerate.

In order to summarize what was written above, I would recommend the breeds of dog that have a wolf-like figure, who do some hard work and fight a bit. But only in such a small degree that would make them develop themselves and that would not do them harm.

Not everything what is modern is best, but oppositely sometimes is best something what is old, proven by time and what has a very long tradition. Such a dog life that is not the easiest one, but that is the real one.

by Pavel CZ
References and Bibliography
Here are two resources dedicated to large livestock guardians: http://wolfhounds.rossiyskiyvolkodav.ru/ (English) and http://www.rossiyskiyvolkodav.ru/ (Russian).
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