Care Your Pets In A Better WayCare Your Pets In A Better Way

Since the past years, the animals are no more treated as wild, the pets such as dogs, cats, rats etc. These animals are being domesticated and are provided with a new form of living in which they live in a way the humans live, i.e., in shelter or house of their own.

Dogs are domesticated descendants of wolves. Dogs being social animals have always been man's best friend. They have always provided protection, companionship and hunting assistance. Dog-Man relationships have a significant impact and role in human lives. This relationship is judged on the base on the fact that today in the USA, over 62% of people have a household pet and 37% of these are pets. The dogs are treated more like humans now days. They provided shelter in form of houses of their own. Their household is termed as a dog kennels which in other words, is a structure or shelter for dogs.

What if you need to move out of the city and your companion can't board down to the destination? In that case, what a pet owner can do to safeguard the pet? Boarding for pets are the best thing in this case, as they can help you up in caring your pet like the same as you do. The kennel is a term referred to a formal establishment for the propagation of dogs irrespective of the fact whether dogs are actually housed in separate shed, garage or family dwelling. Moreover, a Boarding Kennel is a house where dogs are housed temporarily for a fee. It has thus emerged as an alternative to using a pet sitter. The majority of these works on reducing stress. Familiar objects, pertaining to blankets and toys from home are also permitted over these places.

The ever existing relationship between dogs and humans has now been raised to a new level. The dogs are now provided camps. It is an alternative to traditional dog boarding facilities mentioned above. In contrary to the traditional boarding where the dogs were kept in cages, these camps make available free spaces for dogs to run free without leashes. The animals are allowed to play and socialize throughout the day, both indoors and outdoors under human supervision. The environment created for them provides them with a less stressful experience. The main activities of, such camps include running, digging, chasing other dogs etc.

Next for Cats a catery is a place where the cats are commercially housed. The latter cattery is where cats are housed temporarily when they can't stay at their owners' home. It is quite similar to Dog boarding. Boarding catters are mostly used by the owners who are away from home. The cats need to be looked after adequately else their owner may have to face legal action either by law or cat protection bodies.

by Sylvester Bateman
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