8 Mobile Threats To Watch Out For8 Mobile Threats To Watch Out For

If you have ever had your PC hacked you know what it feels like. Friends and family members are receiving emails that claim to be from you but they are not. Someone has compromised your information and your contacts. They have invaded your space and you have no idea how or what to do about it. Well the bad news is, the same thing is heading your way via your Smartphone.

Mobile threats are on the rise and once they get into your mobile devices they can access your bank account, email contacts, and shopping sites you frequent with your account information intact.

Here are 8 mobile threats you have to keep your eye out for:

1. Watch out when downloading apps at the app store. Your mobile device is much more vulnerable when it is downloading applications. Your phone is not in a secure position so you may want to add an anti-virus protection plan that has a signature detection alert.

2. Beware of botnet. A botnet is short for robot and in this instance it refers to hackers sending out software that is malicious and can turn your mobile device into a bot, or zombie. This means that your Smartphone can be spreading spam and other devious information without you even knowing it.

3. Because more and more cell phone users are making online purchases using their phones, a whole new can of worms has been opened by hackers who are able to get in there, look official, and successfully get you to provide them with your name, address, phone number, credit card number, and social security number.

4. The theft of a mobile device is already a crime, but it has been determined that many thieves are using these mobile devices to generate financial transactions. This is a serious mobile threats.

5. The Trojan virus is a program that has been labeled malicious and can block data, delete data, copy data, and modify data on your Android. Don't respond to an email you don't recognize.

6. SMS text messages may appear on your phone and you think it is from a legitimate company but it is not. By the time you have responded to an email or text message on your Smartphone it is probably too late. You have probably already given out all of your vital information and there is no way back.

7. The lack of a security program on our cell phones puts the problem into our hands. You have a security program on your PC, you must get one on your phone or you only have yourself to blame. If you didn't know that there were security programs available for your Smartphone you do now.

8. Financial malware has been starting on your PC and then asking you to provide security information through a text message on your cell phone. Never respond to any type of messages such as these. Your bank will never ask for personal information via the Internet or your phone.
by Robert F
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