7 Best Free IOS Games To Kill Time7 Best Free IOS Games To Kill Time

The only thing better than an excellent iOS game is a great free iOS game. We have listed our favorite free iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch titles that are worthy of a download:

Undersea Glider: Crab Launching Game with Ocean Water Glide

You must guide an undersea glider from an ocean reef! Join the Hermit Crab on a Manta Ray Glider as he tries to search and seize the seven blue pearls.

There are 87 challenges which build on your skills.

Earn upgrades for your glider through the game and the seven mini games that test your reactions and your skills.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft’s long-running racing series marks a very high peak; it is the most entertaining racer on the App Store. It’s a harsh, high-energy affair that finds you scourging glossy supercars around worldwide tracks, leaping your ride off of ramps and attacking into competitors at every possible opportunity.


There’s no better-known match-three puzzler on the Earth than the Bejeweled and PopCap's gem-aligning sensation is available in a great free-to-play variant called Bejeweled Blitz. Speed is the name of the game as you will have 60 seconds to get the highest score possible and then compare it to those of your friends.

Chip Chain

Chip Chain puts a poker-themed spin on the classic match-three puzzler, working you with linking up like-numbered chips that produce a higher-numbered one when cleared. Cards can be utilized to change or reposition chips, and the experience proves smartly pleasing and seriously addictive. You will have access to a rotating selection of modes for free, or you can pay to open everything for good.


FIFA 14 may be the most fully-realized tablet version of the video game console soccer series to date, and remarkably, it’s the first to go the free-to-play course. Smart touch-centric controls are an important part of that, as you don’t have to depend on virtual buttons anymore. The fantasy-tinged Ultimate Team mode is amazing, but traditionalists can pay for extra modes.

Flappy Golf

This game absolutely sounds like a joke game or a sluggish riff on the Flappy Bird craze, but it’s curiously one of the most enjoyable freebies on the App Store. It uses the side-scrolling courses of the great Super Stickman Golf series, but then searches you tapping to “flap” the ball to the hole. You must try to do so in as few flaps as possible across the 50+ included nine-hole locales.

Frontline Command: D-Day

Are you finding for an intense shooter that doesn't feel like it was shoehorned onto a touchscreen device, then Frontline Command: D-Day is for you. This game is actually a series of shooting-gallery segments with running sequences placed in-between. The just freemium model makes attacking Nazi goons as fun as it really should be.
by Tristan Smithson
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Guide an undersea glider crab from an ocean reef! Join the Hermit Crab on a Manta Ray Glider as he attempts to find and capture the seven blue pearls. For more information feel free to visit us at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/undersea-glider-crab-launching/id819473059.
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