Bronxton: Roll Up Leather Case - Creating Local Jobs!Bronxton: Roll Up Leather Case - Creating Local Jobs!

My Name is Dan Dapper, I'm based out of Park City, UT, and I am starting a small line of quality leather products to help anyone organizing small items that are usually hard to keep track of.

The main reason I created it was because I own an old motorcycle that needs constant repairs, many of these times it happened on the road, carrying a backpack with tools was simply uncomfortable and created tons of drag, I needed something small that I could easily tie to the handle bar, you can see my bike on one of the pictures, I wanted something that was as vintage and as cool as my Bike is. :) I found out that many of my motorcycle and barber friends loved the idea and asked me to make one for them too, as many of the pictures suggest, it is not limited to just organizing tools in any way, you can organize almost anything that is 8" long and shorter, so I started to make these and now I'm learning if others would like to own one of these too.

The Roll Up Leather Case is the second product we created to launch Bronxton Vault, a company that is focused in crafting accessories for those who value high quality products and lifestyle.

Made with the best leather available in USA, our Roll Up Leather Cases are hand stitched by local artisans. Each case is thoroughly reviewed to assure it meets the quality and consistency that Bronxton Vault reputation is being built upon.

Our Artisans

We take pride in creating local jobs. We source and train our artisans locally, most of them being incredibly talented stay at home parents. All of our artisans take pride in what they do, they are fully trained to produce high quality products regardless of market demand.

A leather case for all of us

The Roll Up Leather Case is made almost entirely with products and labor sourced within USA. Cases are made with Horween Leather. The Roll Up case measures 8" x 12", it contains a total of 7 slots, 5 of them are 1" and 2 are 1.5" with a single adjustable 26" long suede strap. It also features duo internal suede flaps measuring 4.25" each to better protect contents, helping to prevent items from coming too close to contact.

The Case is great to carry and protect collectables, tools, jewelery, watches, cables and any other nicknacks you might want to keep organized.

Horween Leather

Simply stated, the best leather in the world, based in Chicago area, a traditional family owned company that has been around for about 109 years and has been managed by their family for over 5 generations.

We are seeking for pledges totaling $3000 or more.

Why $3000? because that would help me to recover some of the costs I had developing this leather case, I intend to purchase new equipment and supplies to develop new products, with your help, we will be able to kickstart our Brand, continue the development of new products and lower the costs of production of new accessories.

Risks and challenges:

We have great relationships with our artisans and suppliers. Although they keep our materials in stock, we do not have control over timing in which the orders are processed and that could cause small delays.

We do have a lot of experience fulfilling orders. Our current production capacity is 20 units a day, our well documented processes and training allow us to easily expand production based on market demand.

We are great at communicating project stats and will keep every backer posted of the status of their pledge. We took our time to develop and test our products and operational processes and ensure that each step is fully aligned with customer expectations, quality control and reputation we are continuously building.

To see more details about this project please visit us here:

by Dan Dapper
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I am a retired IT professional with nearly 17 years of experience in micro managing projects, creating and executing scalable processes, developing solutions that have been deployed worldwide, and for the past 5 years I have been working in retail, more specifically the surf lifestyle, I have noticed for the past 2 years a need for better design in products for personal use and organization, most brands we work with have very limited selection of personal accessories or doesn't go far enough exploring the possibilities, I decided to design my own line of products that better serve people's needs as well as mine.
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