How To Fix The Problem With How To Fix The Problem With "Kernel32

There are files that are saved in your computer in order to perform functions. One of these files is the Dynamic Link Library or the "DLL" files. DLL is a library of files that contains codes and data that are shared by different programs installed in your computer, all at the same time. Since many programs use a certain kind of DLL file, problems may occur when executing a computer task. One file that is affected is the Kernel32 file.

Kernel32.dll is an essential part of Windows operating system as it is important in memory management. It is the one that is responsible in performing the computer's input and output processes and system interrupts. Problems with Kernel32 is hard to fix, and should be fixed immediately to avoid further system issues to arise.

Errors occur when a certain application or program failed to execute due to low computer memory. In fixing these errors, you can either do a manual fixing by performing troubleshooting methods, or you can also do an automatic repairing.

One common problem that is associated with Kernel32 is that when the said file is missing or cannot be found. In fixing this, you can download a compatible version to replace the faulty one. However, you should be careful in downloading the file since one wrong move can only worsen the situation. Other errors also include blue screen, application crash, and screen freeze.

In manually fixing Kernel32 problems in general, you can do the following steps:

1. Go to My Computer and go to Local disk C.

2. Locate the folder named as Windows and click it.

3. When accessed, locate the folder named as "System32" and click it.

4. In the System32 folder, find those files with Kernel32 on their file names.

5. If you find an exe file, you have to get rid of it since it is a computer virus. You can remove it by using an anti-spyware software to scan and remove the file for you. Be reminded that you cannot just simply delete the file to avoid more problems.

6. If you happen to find a DLL file, you may not have a malware infection but you still need to fix the file. You have the option to download a same file to replace the file that is causing the errors.

If the Kernel32.dll file is causing the errors, you can perform the following troubleshooting steps to repair it.

1. In your Windows desktop, click the Start button to open up the Search option.

2. In the search bar, type ".pwl" to locate files with the same extension.

3. When found, delete those files. Take note that deleting them will also mean that the saved passwords will be deleted so make sure that you make a back-up.

4. Update your device drivers as they usually the main cause of Kernel32.dll errors.

5. Go back to the Windows desktop, click the Start button and open the Run option. A prompt box will appear. In here, type "msconfig" then click OK.

6. When a dialog box appears, select the MSConfig tab then click it. When you see the "New" option, click it, too.

7. Another prompt message will appear. When you see the option "Add," select it. You will be asked to type something in the type box. Enter the following line: "DEVICE=C:WINDOWSHIMEM.SYSTESTMEM:ON" then press the OK button.

8. Restart your computer. If during the start-up, an error message pops-up saying that the system was able to detect an unreliable memory, this means that your computer has memory issues that needs an immediate action.

9. Once done, run a malware scan and have a registry cleaner scan your computer system to be able to detect other sources of errors.

If you find the manual fixing too technical for you to follow, you have the option to do an automatic fixing. With this method, it is not only that the damaged or corrupted file is being fixed, it will also clean and repair any registry-related problems that may be contributing with your computer problems. Here are the steps in troubleshooting errors using an automatic repairing:

1. Download a DLL fixer program from a trusted cyber source.

2. Run a quick scan to your system to identify the problems.

3. Once done, you will have the option on what you will do next with the system. You can optimize your Windows or do a fix-all for all the faulty files in your computer.

Fixing problems related with Kernel32 may be a little confusing. But if you study well the troubleshooting methods and understand them, you will be able to repair the damaged files. However, if you feel that you are not capable in doing the repairing, you can ask for a technical support to avoid further damages to your computer.

by Robert Corter
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