Enema Or Irritable Bowel Syndrome Constipation Managed With Intestinal CleansingEnema Or Irritable Bowel Syndrome Constipation Managed With Intestinal Cleansing

The subtle symptoms creep into our life one at a time until we find a barrage of complications we never had before. Constipation is the most obvious difference, then pain, abdominal cramps and bloating followed with occasional diarrhea, all add up to irritable bowel syndrome.

Our lifestyles have shaped our habits to fit an unnatural pattern of elimination. We eat and rush to work or school, suppressing the natural elimination that should occur within 20 minutes after eating.

Some individuals may wait as long as a week between bowel movements. This only complicates the impaction, toxic build up in the bowel, which comes back into the blood stream as toxic waste, and creates a need for laxatives or enemas.

Enema can be a natural remedy for irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. The early 1900's medical practice was that when a patient was admitted to the hospital for any ailment, the patient first received an enema. A bit messy and inconvenient, enema is usually a last resort. Diet and intestinal cleanse using all natural herbs has become more popular and healthy.

Colon cleanse has become a buzzword as it has been determined that the origin of most disease starts in the colon. The impaction of fecal matter that lines the walls of the colon without being eliminated can easily be 15 pounds. Decay and putrefaction in the bowl throws the immune system in extreme overload, ridding the body of toxins and trying to fight off disease. If the immune system fails, disease grows in the body.

Irritable bowel syndrome can be controlled before permanent damage is done to the colon. Herbal colon cleanse is the most effective on a long-term use. Herbal colon detoxification is also called colon cleanse. High fiber foods in the diet are natural scrubbing agents for the colon to cleanse the cilia that absorb nutrients.

Constipation is not all corrected with a laxative. Drink 5 glasses of water a day. Avoid excess bread and pastry. Augment your diet with foods high in fiber. Choose an intestinal formula supplement that will stimulate the peristaltic action in your bowel and strengthens the colon muscles.

Avoid harsh laxatives that are not all natural. Dependence on over the counter laxatives can lead to weakened elimination muscles and loss of natural body function.

It is claimed that all habits can be learned in 21 days. In the next three weeks try an intestinal herbal formula and make time to eliminate within 30 minutes of eating. Your body is designed to heal itself if you do not override the master plan.

by James Zeller
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James Zeller writes for numerous alternative health websites and blogs. You can see which intestinal supplement that James Zeller rated # 1 or if you would like more information about immune support supplement check out this link.

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