The Best Reasons To Go On Bike Adventures The Best Reasons To Go On Bike Adventures

People ride bikes for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy the physical benefits; riding delivers a blend of cardio exercise with strength, endurance, and balance training. Others ride because it reduces their stress. At the end of a good ride, individuals often feel energized or relaxed. They are often full of mood-improving endorphins. There are those who travel by bike because it’s good for the environment. Taking a bike to work means one less car on the road, less noise pollution, reduced amounts of exhaust in the air, and no need to pump up at the gas station. The convenience of taking a bike rather than a car simply can’t be denied. Riders avoid rush hour, fighting for parking spots, and dangerous car accidents. With so many reasons to ride bikes, it’s sometimes surprising that there aren’t more bicyclists on the road. What isn’t surprising is the growing number of individuals, groups, and families who are signing up to spend their vacations taking bike adventures.

 Not Your Normal Vacation

One of the most amazing things about taking a bike adventure is the opportunity to see the world, different cultures, and plenty of nature up close and very personally. Whether riders want to explore sunny beaches like those in Hawaii, the open country of states like Montana, states with wild histories, beautiful scenery, or even other countries (as close as Canada or as far away as New Zealand), a bike tour is available. Is it possible to visit these destinations without bikes? Yes, it is, but the traditional vacation takes place in hotels, tourist shops, and from the seat of a car. A biking vacation puts riders out in the open and riders tend to mingle with the “locals” much more than other vacationers ever get to do.

Affordable Adventuring

Traveling by bicycle appeals to budget-conscious adventurers for several reasons. Of course, there are the savings in gasoline to consider. Vacation planners should also take into account the fact that bike adventures often include lodging, food, support from professionals, an experienced guide, and a number of activities that reflect the culture of the region. With six or more days packed full of bike riding and other activities, bike tours represent an excellent value. 

Get the Right Fit

There’s a reason that “choose-your-own-adventure” books are popular among young readers. These books provide the suspense and excitement of a true adventure while allowing the reader to participate in decision-making and to influence the outcome of the story. Bike adventures have a similar appeal. Even with an established route, reservations at exclusive lodging and dining establishments, and knowledgeable guides, tours are often customized to fit the needs of each rider. Guides are able to adjust schedules as necessary so that all participants can enjoy the trip at their own riding ability. Group leaders are also able to add special details to trips such as surprise birthday celebrations or ensuring that a favorite beverage is available along the route.

The Very Best Reason …

People ride bikes for many reasons, but the most important is to ride for the benefits that they can experience personally. In the end, a biking vacation provides the rider with more confidence in their own abilities, greater health, a deeper sense of calm, and a number of other amazing benefits. Those who have never experienced bike adventures should sign up for one today.

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