And The Winner Is . . .And The Winner Is . . .

And the Winner Is . . .

by Connie H. Deutsch

I can't say that I have ever been a big fan of the Oscars but a couple of years ago, it was somewhat more depressing than usual.

Usually, I look at the winners and see their faces gleaming with happiness. They thank everyone from God to the janitor who cleaned their room and brought them water, but two years ago, there was a curse attached to the female winners.

After the awards were presented, the post awards gossip (I don't know what else to call it) speculated that there is a Hollywood curse attached to female winners of the Oscars.

Their contention was that female winners of the coveted award were doomed to failed marriages. One announcer showed the female winners of seven Oscars standing next to their husbands, all aglow with their Oscars in their hands, and then the announcer let her audience know that each of these winners split up within a few days to a year after winning the coveted award.

One story even tied their divorces to the fact that none of these female winners, after thanking everyone from the electric company for providing the lighting for their close-ups, to the people who were responsible for making the movie a success, remembered to thank their husbands.

The amazing thing is that no one spoke of fractures in their marriages prior to making the movie or winning the Oscar. They only associated the divorces with winning the Oscar.  It doesn't sound like the winning actresses are under a curse; it just sounds like the winning actresses were using bad judgment in their acceptance speeches.

That made me wonder how many of these women would have worked so hard to win the award if they knew that their marriage was doomed from the start.

It also made me wonder how many people actually believe that actresses have to ask themselves if winning the Oscar is worth sacrificing their marriage before accepting a movie role.

We seem to be living in a warped world if we look no further than Hollywood gossip to define our relationships.

Art had always been said to imitate life but at that point, I started wondering if life isn't imitating art.

by Connie H. Deutsch
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