Questions To Answer Before Getting Cash For Junk CarsQuestions To Answer Before Getting Cash For Junk Cars

There are many good reasons why getting cash for junk cars is the best possible solution for you. One of the more compelling reasons is that you get the most profit out of this deal. You get cash to get rid of a car that doesn't run, or which needs very expensive repairs.

But if the idea is to get as much cash for junk cars as possible, then there are some things you need to do first, and some questions that need to be answered properly.

Question #1: What Is My Junk Car Really Worth?

There's always the temptation to regard your junk car as worthless, and so any money you can get out of the deal is essentially a bonus. This is especially true if the car represents a negative value. For example, you may need to get it repaired for $3,000 and in the end buyers would only pay $1,500 for it. Doing that obviously doesn't make any financial sense.

Still, just about any car can still have some value, just for the simple fact that some parts may still work and some people buy secondhand replacement parts. And that's what you need to do. Take note of everything that still works, and go online and check out how much the parts would fetch if you were a buyer. Make sure you include the tires and the interior in your tally.

Some junk car buyers may also ask you over the phone for the condition of the car, and having this info can increase their offer.

Question #2: Which Car Parts Can I Sell Fast?

You can't wait years to sell your car parts, in much the same way you can't wait too long to sell your junk car itself. After all, you may want the money right away and storage can become a problem. The reasons you want to get rid of your junk car are the same reasons you want to get rid of the car parts too.

You can go online and check out the demand for these car parts, and see how much money potential buyers are willing to pay. If you have an old car, maybe there are some owners out there who need a car part you have and who can't get it easily. This is especially true if the car is not popular, and if the manufacturer has discontinued that particular model.

Sell all the car parts you can sell, before you sell it to the junk car buyers.

Question #3: How Much Can I Get from Junk Car Buyers

The answer to this question depends on the buyers you talk to. You have to expect that the offers won't be too high, since you're selling junk to begin with. But to make sure you get as much cash for junk cars as you can, you may want to talk to at least 3 junk car buyers in your area before you accept the offer.

by Bill Morin
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