Why HTML 5 Is The Preferred Language To Create Web Applications?Why HTML 5 Is The Preferred Language To Create Web Applications?

HTML5, the fifth version of HTML, is much advanced and now being used by thousands of designers and developers across the globe. HTML5 is considered a revolution in web technology and is much easier to use as compared to its predecessor. HTML5 has been creating waves since its launch as it has many essential features that HTML4 lacked, has a streamlined web development process to provide users with an amazing browsing experience.

HTML5 supports multimedia in a very efficient way, making the use of audios & videos easier and fun. HTML5 ensures that websites (including Responsive ones) are eye-catchy and are light & quick to load, providing a pleasant user experience. Let's have a quick rundown on the aspects of HTML5:


HTML5 allows creation of highly interactive websites, supporting animated graphics. It supports audio & video, without the need of any third party media player. The and elements of HTML5 help to stream multimedia content. HTML5 reduces the time and efforts to create audios, videos, animations etc. through plug-ins. It even has drag and drop functions, making the file handling convenient and easy. A lot of APIs are available in HTML5 allowing you to build efficient and sophisticated websites. HTML5 helps creation of high quality and graphic-rich visuals and animation in your website.


Canvas is the tag that lets you draw and in a way make your website more dynamic and interactive. Your website can respond and interact with users through HTML5. Canvas helps to control the images and graphics of your web applications without the requirement of third-party plug-ins.


HTML5 has easy to develop input forms without Javascript. The forms are elegant and fancy, with HTML5 making validation of form native to HTML.

Creation of Accessible Sites

HTML5 eases the creation of accessible sites in all major platforms and browsers, enabling easy loading of content. Semantics help in giving an improved browsing experience as headers, footers, navigation and other tags are specific and understandable.

Clean Code

HTML5 allows you to write simple and easy to read code, which are easy to rectify. The coding is descriptive and clear, where semantic code helps you to separate style and content from its meaning. The designers and developers like working with neat code by cleaning their "classitis" and "divitis".

Cross Browser Support

All popular modern browsers including some old ones like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera etc support HTML5. The web designers, as well as developers, had faced browser compatibility issues in the past. HTML5 brought a solution to this and enhanced the performance of websites on all browsers.

Storage Capabilities

HTML5 has smart storage capabilities, storing client databases offline. It allows storage across different windows and has enhanced security and performance. Data stays even after closing the browser, you don't have to bother about users deleting cookies as it is client-side database. You can include features like storing user's information, loading history pages and capacity to cache data in your applications. HTML5 uses Application Cache instead of cookies, ensuring that users don't lose data even when offline.


HTML5 offers a good browsing experience on your smartphones as well. It is useful in creating responsive sites, optimized for web, tablets, as well as the mobile. Your website would fit any screen size, providing an enhanced user experience across all devices. Your web applications can resize themselves to run on various devices, allowing your business to have a wider reach.

SEO Friendly

HTML5 websites are SEO friendly, allowing them to get a higher rank on all major search engines. HTML5 directs back links to the same place, thus assisting you in your SEO efforts.

The list doesn't end here. There are numerous other benefits of HTML5 including Geolocation support, better web sockets, flowchart availability, error handling system and more. Web developers are finding it convenient to use HTML5 for creating web applications, helping improve look & feel of a website and increasing the performance and giving users an enhanced browsing experience.

by Terry Littrell
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