Your Mind Is A Treasure Trove Of GoldYour Mind Is A Treasure Trove Of Gold

Your Mind Is a Treasure Trove of Gold

by Connie H. Deutsch

I've never met a person who didn't have an idea for an invention or a story waiting to be told. It's like sitting on a gold mine and not digging for your treasure.

You may tell yourself that you've never had one but think about all the things you think about, all the things you complain about or think about how you would improve upon any given situation. And there you have it.

Those are the seeds that I'm talking about. Those ideas that germinate in your mind while you are standing in line to purchase something and the line isn't moving fast enough and, in your impatience, you tell yourself how it should be done.

The difference between you and the person who applies for a patent for an invention or who writes a story for publication is often just a matter of self-confidence, optimism, effort, courage, and determination.

I remember one time I was in my kitchen and the cord from an appliance couldn't be stuffed back into the little space reserved for it. I pushed and prodded, used a toothpick, a screwdriver, and assorted tools to try to get it in. It wouldn't go in.

As I stood there, exasperated with this surplus cord, I thought about a device that was so simple, that it was amazing no one had thought to market it.

I was quite young at the time and it never would have occurred to me to try to patent my idea or to market it. Many years later, there was my little invention in a catalog and it looked just like I had imagined it.

Whenever I meet people, they are always telling me that they could write a book about their life. But none of these people, no matter what their age, had ever tried to do it.

I don't think it's laziness that prevents them from writing their life story or patenting an invention. I think it may be a combination of things, e.g., not thinking that their idea is good enough or not being brave enough to try it. It could be fear of rejection, or fear of being mocked and not wanting to risk failure.

But I am absolutely sure that each one of us has a book within us and an invention that occupies a space in our minds. The trick is getting that mental door to open and release its treasures.

by Connie H. Deutsch
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