Finding And Recruiting It Developers - Getting Top TalentFinding And Recruiting It Developers - Getting Top Talent

When it comes to building your IT development team, you are going to find the avenues that most people take are useless. Sure, you could try to post an ad on a classifieds page, and you could even try to put up a few links here and there, but you're going to find that it's pointless. The truth of the matter is that every major company needs talent, and they are scooping people up left and right. They are doing so through direct contact, headhunters, and much more. You will not be able to recruit anyone within the world of software engineering without thinking outside of the box. You are not going to get the best candidates by playing it safe, and just waiting for people to reply. The best in the business already have IT jobs, or are freelance, reaching them is going to take a bit of effort.

Going To Them Directly

The first option is simple, find personal websites of developers, and contact them directly. You'll find that every developer, including those that are working with Java, C Programming and JavaScript often have their own personal pages. You will have to take an active role in finding them, no matter how obscure some of them may be, read them, and contact them directly. Some will have their full contact and email up front, others will force you to comment on a post and weed your commentary out in case it is considered spam overall. This is the first tactic and it works some of the time. You could always try social networking, but be careful here, the best developers are getting solicited a lot.

Offering Something Better

For those that are serious about landing a top notch software engineer, it is imperative that you do not just offer a standard software developer salary. Yes, these are high, but you are going to have to give more than what everyone else is giving. If you are serious about building your team, you are going to be competing with companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. They don't just court talent, they give them benefits, stock options, and open up the floodgates of promises before onboarding anyone. Whether the individual actually gets the promised elements is beside the point, they dangle a lot to these individuals in hopes of signing. You're going to have to figure out what they want, and how to entice them, without breaking the bank. It's a nuanced approach you need to carefully plot.

The Long and Winding Road (becoming social)

Whether you need a Java Developer, .Net/C# Developer or a Salesforce Developer, you are going to have to start a relationship with candidates that bleeds into something more than business. That may mean that you will need to network at gatherings, events, and social arenas these individuals go to. For instance, there are conventions amidst developers where they all gather and join in social events. Think of gatherings like "Defcon", "Quakecon", and anywhere you may find a great gathering of tech individuals with their guard down a bit. Again, this is not a short term solution, it's a part of meeting them where they are and offering something better than top corporations. Salary alone will not cut it, but if you network and show interest at a social level, you may get heard a lot more than just sending an email in hopes of a reply.


One option that you may want to look into, especially if you're desperate for a tech team that knows what they are doing is hiring headhunters. Technical recruiters scout top talent and throw out a lot of phone calls, offers, and deliver them to human resource departments. Of course, they will take a cut for a "finder's fee", but you will find that they can get you the best talent today which has the potential to yield an exponentially greater return. The same rules apply as mentioned above, but you will save a bit of time in regards to the "search" for top IT developers, that is certain.

-To Your Success!

by Blake Warner
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Blake Warner has recruited hundreds of sales and technical candidates adding multimillions of sales revenue to a portfolio of companies within Utah.
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