Make Your Own Personal Style Statement With The Latest Fashion Trends!Make Your Own Personal Style Statement With The Latest Fashion Trends!

So you surf all the magazines, newspapers and television channels for the latest in fashion trends, but are still clueless as to how to apply those tips for yourself? You know of the latest in fashion but are not sure how the same will look on you? Worry not, we have some informative tips on how to make the latest trends work for you, and even better, come out with a look that is just right for you!

Finding your personal style statement is not about picking up clothes from a shelf. It is actually about knowing yourself, being connected to the real you and knowing what will work for you best. After all if everyone followed the trends as they came, wouldn’t it become a world where everyone dresses the same? The key lies in picking one or two thing from the trends, and make it suit your style!

Take a look at the following 10 simple tips that can help transform you from a plain Jane to a fashionista!

1. Dare to be original. Go for bold colours, patterns, styles. Pick some that are out of your comfort zone

2. Check out your wardrobe. Throw out things that you haven’t worn in over six months and create room for new!

3. Now look at the remaining clothes and check out what you like about them. You will notice a pattern. Mostly that will determine your likes and your style preferences

4. Always be objective when choosing a fashion trend. What looks good on the big screen may not be quite suited for your body type, shape or style. You can also begin by people watching. Go to a public place and see what people are wearing. Try and find out styles that would suit you and take it from there

5. Talk to your friends and ask their advice. These are the people who know you and what will look good on you. Never be afraid to ask the salesperson of a shop for advice either

6. Sometimes all you lack of is a single pair of accessory. Look into your wardrobe for missing items, such as a good pair of shoes, or a universal belt, or that little black dress that can be worn several ways

7. Find a good tailor! Sometimes what we like isn’t available in the market or on the shelf. Then we must look at creating it, and what better than to go to a perfect seamstress!

8. Shop off season. When you shop during peak seasons or during sales, you often end up buying the wrong things or things that you don’t really need. Try an off season shopping spree to really get an idea of what you want from your wardrobe!

9. Recraft what you already own! So you have that purple skirt but it’s a little boring? Why not put some lace and get it to a crackling start? Transforming old clothes into newer more fashionable clones is the best way to start anew!

10. Mix and match. Never wear things that come in pairs. When you buy a jeans, buy the top separately. When you buy a skirt, make sure you buy something that contrasts with it for a blouse. Mixing clothes makes them more interesting and less likely to be duplicated!

Lastly accessorize with belts, neck pieces, earrings, stoles, shoes and a new hairstyle to compliment!

by Krucarnations Pune
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