Make Your Products Corrosion Proof With Salt Spray TestMake Your Products Corrosion Proof With Salt Spray Test

Corrosion test helps to analyze the ability of the materials to rust under different environmental conditions. As all metal, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys subject to corrosion, there are a large number of testing instruments that analyze the corrosive properties of the material to make sound business decisions. Accelerated corrosion testing easily detects the vulnerability of the materials to one or many forms of corrosion in a comparatively short span of time. The testing instruments perform a Salt Spray test, humidity test and other corrosion tests as per the ASTM standard and other industrial standards.

As the effect of corrosion is proving to be costly and disturbing, it is important to perform corrosion testing at the time of designing before the damage occurs. Corrosion testing and other material testing helps to determine the effective corrodents and environmental factors that adversely affect the material like metal and alloys. The test is helpful in providing the best solutions to the unexpected corrosion problems that occur with the products during the product life cycle.

The Corrosion Testing helps to:

•Select an appropriate material for manufacturing by comparing the quality of different material.

•Determine the best solutions and treatments

•Estimate the life of the product

•Analyze whether the material withstand the intended application or not.

•Identify environmental factors and corrdents which are responsible for corrosion attack.

•Find the root cause of product failure.

Accelerated corrosion testing is done by following Test:

Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test is also known as Salt Fog Test. The test is performed on the basis of ASTM standard test method - ASTMB117. The salt spray test is a laboratory test that offer controlled corrosive environment to analyze the performance of a product during its life cycle. This comprises of a test procedure in which a material is placed in a controlled corrosive environment which provides the information of corrosion resistance for coated metal specimens. Salt Spray Testing is done in a large number of industries like automotive, paint, military and in various research institutes. It is done on a painted as well as on bare materials.

In this test procedure, a chemical solution of sodium chloride is sprayed on the test specimen, kept under the chamber at an angle of 15 to 30 Degree while the temperature of the machine is maintained to be constant. The duration of the test can be set between 24 hours to 1000 hrs. The sample is rotated after a specific period of time to allow the salt solution coating on all the sides of the sample. This test determines the results of damage which occurs on the specimen because of high chloride content.

The salt spray test helps the researcher and product manufacturers to produce quality products like coatings, paints, chemical treatments, etc. which are applied to the coated sheets or any other material that are challenging to the salt damage.

Apart from Salt Spray Test, there are many other tests like humidity test, accelerated weathering test which is used to test the effect of environment on the materials.

by Kishore Gupta
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