The Mountain May Yet Come To MohammedThe Mountain May Yet Come To Mohammed

The Mountain May Yet Come to Mohammed

by Connie H. Deutsch

There is an old phrase, "If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain." It's always been used in the sense that if you can't get your way, you'll have to change your way of getting what you want. And, whenever I've thought of an immovable mountain, I've always thought of Mount Everest because mountain climbers are always saying things like, "It was there, so I climbed it."

Mountain climbers will now have to find something else to replace that concept because the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on April 25th, that caused 8,000 people to lose their lives and tens of thousands to be injured, moved Mount Everest 1.2 inches.

It had originally been moving northeast at the rate of 1.6 inches and the April 25th earthquake caused it to shift in the southwest direction by 1.2 inches.

With the area around the mountain experiencing several avalanches that were triggered by the quake and a number of climbers losing their lives, it is more unsafe to climb it than ever before,

As it is, with a mountain the size of Mount Everest moving 1.6 inches in any direction, it is unnerving to think that a person can get to the top of this mountain and, just as he's climbing down, he's caught in an avalanche.

Personally, I think that anyone who goes in for extreme sports is a few slices short of a loaf of bread. Does anyone really care if you climbed the highest mountain or did BASE Jumping or ice climbing? Will anyone even remember if you did whitewater canoeing, whitewater racing, or cliff jumping?

Of course, if you died doing one of these things, your loved ones will feel obliged to tell everyone that you died doing what you loved. They may even feel obliged to tell people that you could have been run over by a bus just crossing the street but at least you died doing something you loved.

I know there are airplane crashes and car accidents that happen all the time. I know there are drunken drivers on the road that may plow into you, no matter how safely you're driving or walking. I also know that there are drive-by shootings and you could be one of those victims, but I'd rather take my chances with one of those things causing my death than to deliberately put myself at risk with extreme sports.

So, if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, let Mohammed stay where he is and find a different way to get what he wants because he may be caught in that avalanche while his mountain is moving.

by Connie H. Deutsch
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