How Smoking Messes Up Your DigestionHow Smoking Messes Up Your Digestion

You are smoking cigarettes not eating them so smoking can't be that bad for your stomach... can it? It can and it is. Like all good stories this begins at the beginning.

1. The Look To Die For

Cigarette smoke, unless you are doing something very wrong and/or original, comes through your mouth. That smoke slowly cooks your face, gives it a nice yellow hue.

Your mouth is a starting point of your digestive system, and the first thing smoke does, it gets rid of that boring white color from your teeth.

You might say that more color is good and yellow smile is like a yellow sun. If you get tired of brightening the day for everyone with your sunshine colored smile - a bit of elbow grease, stain remover and you are as good as new.

2. More Teeth, More Problem

The bigger problem is that smoking decreases the amount of air in your gums and stimulates growth of bacteria.

That's why gum disease and tooth loss in adults is much more common in smokers. The most common excuse for smoking is "it calms me" but face it - smoking only creates problems and these problems just keep piling up.

But that is not important to you - you prefer smoothies anyways. Let's see what cigarette smoke does to your stomach.

3. Feel The Burn

Your stomach is a bucket of acid which you use to digest food. It's in your best interest to keep that acid in this bucket. You have a special valve that does that. Smoking allows acid to flow into food pipe.

You have things to do and you can't spend every waking moment smoking but you still want to feel that great feeling. You are in luck as for those times when you are not sucking on a cigarette, smoking has conveniently weakened this valve.

This way smoking lets you realize your childhood dream of being a dragon by giving you a near constant heartburn.

4. Your Stomach Starts Eating Itself

Unfortunately it's not all good news as smoking continues its mission and messes up with production of acid and protection of your bucket. Have you ever thought "how come acid dissolves my food but doesn't dissolve me"? That's because stomach is a place of harmony and peace.

Once you start introducing cigarette smoke or other crap, it's like you are throwing stones at a sleeping lion. It will eventually wake up and tear your face off. In this case smoking messes up the stomach balance and you get painful sores, called ulcers, in your stomach.

Ulcers are more likely to heal if you stop smoking.

5. Spare Your Liver

Smoking does its magic on your organs indirectly as well. Good example is your liver. It is a filter that cleans your blood. When you smoke you add large amounts of additional chemicals to your blood and those are not vitamins.

Every filter has its limit. Smoking adds large quantities of toxins and increases oxidative stress on liver. Liver of a person who smokes is worse at filtering blood and is at a greater risk of shutting down completely.

Liver has a lot of work on its hands as it is. It already has an exciting and fulfilling life so by smoking you are not doing it any favors.

6. Good News Keep On Coming

Another "advantage" smokers have is an increased chance of getting Crohn's disease. This disease helps you better understand jokes about diarrhea and stomach pain by making them painfully relatable. It is an inflammatory disease which can affect you anywhere in your digestive system - from anus to mouth.

Smoking increases the risk of getting this disease significantly and if you suffer from frequent stomach pains, diarrhea and experience fever and weight loss - see a doctor and quit smoking!

7. "Best" For Last

Finally smoking greatly increases the risk of developing cancer. Cancer is your own cell one day deciding that it does not want to be a productive member of the society that is your body.

Your body is like a city only the population of your body is in trillions. Smoking is the bad influence that pushes cells to turn to the dark side. Cigarette smoke bombards your cells with radioactivity and toxins that stimulate these negative mutations.

This is why smoking is a leading cause of mouth, lip, voice box, lung, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, colon and rectum cancer.

Smoking is just a fire, that in addition to all the toxins you would expect to find in a burning chemical plant also gives you nicotine.

Nicotine is a nasty thing by itself and if you think that it calms you or helps you to be more focused you are only fooling yourself. You are only very temporarily quenching withdrawal symptoms perpetuating this circle of misery.

Understand that smoking isn't giving you anything positive. It is just perpetuating itself while you enjoy all the benefits of getting poisoned.

by Mr. Steven Case
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Steven Case is an author of the blog and of the book How To Quit Smoking: Ex-Smoker's Guide To an Easy, Quick and Permanent Way to Give Up Smoking, which is available on Amazon.
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