5 Tips For Summer Skin Care For Phoenix Seniors5 Tips For Summer Skin Care For Phoenix Seniors

Compared to the younger generations, cancer, and other damage can be caused to the older skin more rapidly. In the summer months, when the sun's rays are extra strong, it is important for the senior adults to protect their skin from the harmful UV rays.

According to home care Phoenix, the older adults suffer from skin damage more than others because with age the skin becomes thin and more susceptible to sun damage. It also loses its ability to revive and reinvigorate after extensive exposure to UV rays from the sun, like when they were younger.

Seniors need to take extra precautions care during the summer months. A list has been prepared to help the elderly to help maintain and protect their skin from extensive damage, even if they can’t avoid the sun completely.

1. Tanning Is Harmful
Usually, people think that tanning is quite harmless if you are cautious enough to avoid painful sunburns which are a major cause of skin cancer. However, it is a complete myth. Any extended exposure to the sun can lead to skin damage and skin cancer. Tanning is equally harmful to the older skin. Whether you opt for the outdoor tanning or choose the indoor option, both lead to extended exposure of skin to the UV rays. In fact, according to a recent research, the radiation from indoor tanning became a cause for more skin cancer cases compared to the outdoor tanning.

2. Read The Labels On Medicines
You, your senior loved one or a caregiver from home care phoenix should dutifully read the labels on the medicine that have been prescribed to the senior by their doctor. Many medicines may have side-effects due to sun exposure. If your elderly loved one lives alone, he/he should ask a family caregiver or hired help to read out the precautions to them and also consult the doctor attending to them.

3. More than 15 SPF Sunscreen Is a Must
Whenever, you or an elderly loved one is about to leave the house, it is essential to apply sunscreen that is SPF 15 at the minimum. If your loved is going to be extended to the sun exposure, like if they are participating in some outdoor activity, then it is compulsory to apply 30 SPF sun block and no less. In fact, ensure that your senior loved reapplies the sun block during or after these outdoor activities like gardening or swimming as it can lose its strength with lots of sweating and water.  

4. Carry Accessories to Shade Yourself
Another thing that attendants from home care Phoenix should ensure is that their charge is always shaded and protected from the sun. There should be no direct exposure to the sun as much as possible especially from late morning to late afternoon. The elderly should always carry an umbrella, sunscreen, sun hats and sunglasses when they are spending time outdoors.

5. Keep The Skin Moisturized
Dryness is one of the most common and most visible symptoms of old age skin damage. Extensive exposure to the sun and sizzling temperatures worsen the damage to the skin. It is very important the senior adults always keep their skin moisturized at all times. They can use a combination of store-bought products use homemade moisturizers, whatever suits their skin. According to experts at home care Phoenix, seniors trust; certain cosmetics can also be a cause of extensive dryness. So, older ladies should take extra precaution while using make-up.

by Aaron Dyer
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Aaron Dyer is associated with Home care Assistance in Phoenix. He is focused towards helping Home Care Phoenix seniors to maintain an active lifestyle for their well-being and that is what he writes about. He is a qualified nutritionist as well.
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