Why Travel To TurkeyWhy Travel To Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country with rich historic and cultural assets. It’s the amazing combination of traditional and modern culture. After the availability of e-visa and friendly tourism rules, Turkey welcomes more than 35 million tourists every year which confirms the highly secure environment in the country. Turkey is famous for its European mind and Asian heart and you see the deep impact of both cultures there as the land was ruled by both the Muslim and Christian rulers. Though, the majority of the population is Muslim, but the world’s biggest church is situated there.

Turkish History

Turkish has 4000 years of history which includes the ages when Turks were the part of Anatolia in the early 11th century. After the Mongolian invasion, the Ottoman age starts which have a duration of 1299-1923. It ended at the start of the First World War while it initiated the reign of Mustafah Kamal, who was a great military commander and skillfully paved the way of progress for the country and worked hard in the fields of education and industry.

Best Places to Visit in Turkey

There are enormous places to visit in Turkey, which invite people to explore the ancient historical sites and spark the inspiration for the modern culture. Here are some worth seeing places situated in Turkey pursue the visitors to visit them.

Cappadocia Underground Cities: The place has hundred of years old underground cities which  some part is now open for tourist. The multilevel underground city is capable of accommodating 20,000 people at the same time while its located 200feet in the depth. Kaymaklı, Özkonak, Derinkuyu, and Mazi are main cities that are available for the tourist visit.

Topkapi Palace: Topkapi Palace is a major reason of many history lovers to apply for the Turkish visa. The graceful and magnificent palace was built in the fifteenth century for the Ottoman Sultans. The palace keeps great Muslim and Christian history with splendid architecture, heritage, gigantic courtyards and huge gates.

Istanbul: Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and has a number of historical places, but it itself gives many causes to visit it, i.e. the vast business opportunities which also a big reason for the increased demand of Turkish Visa. However, the panorama  enthusiasts, Grand Bazaar with over 4000 shops and friendly people make it the first choice to come for both the business and entertainment purposes. 

Blue Mosque: Blue Mosque was built and designed by Sultan Ah met I and Hagia Sophia respectively.The architecture of the mosque wonders the viewers which have increasingly large tombs. The elegant blue tiles and high-quality material used in the building impress everyone.

E-visa to Travel to Turkey

You are required to have e-visa to visit Turkey. Anyone can get e-visa by following three steps, i.e. apply for the visa, make payment via credit card or debit card, and download it. The cost of the Turkish visa is only $20 while its validity is up to 3 months. After the date of the issue, the tourist is allowed to stay 90 days in the country with multiple stay entry Turkey visa.

by Md. Samsuzzaman
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For more details about Turkey Visa visit our website :http://www.evisa.gen.tr

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