A Few Approaches For Performing Functional Testing Of Mobile Applications.A Few Approaches For Performing Functional Testing Of Mobile Applications.

The unpredictability of the fragmented mobile market calls for an optimal test coverage for mobile applications. Functional Testing of Mobile Applications tests its basic user interactions such as launching, logging in, checking account updates and other direct user flows. Implementing automated and unattended functional testing helps a great deal to manage the aggressive timelines for releasing the mobile applications.

In order to be at the top of the list of trending mobile apps, a mobile application needs to deliver high performance under all different sets of usage conditions. Some of the best practices followed while testing can help in making a mobile application truly versatile.

- Devising a mobile application testing strategy: A comprehensive mobile application functional testing strategy needs to consider the following key points:

-Target Device Selection: An optimal mix of testing on real devices and simulators can help in maximizing the test coverage.

-Test Automation: Selecting an effective test automation tool can help in maximizing the test automation.

-Network Environments: All possible network conditions need to be considered by using the network simulation tools to simulate various network conditions.

- Shift Left: Shifting left does not necessarily mean implementation of sophisticated testing tools. It literally means testing as early as possible. Mostly testing starts once the development has reached a logical stage. Testing early and often can help to identify and resolve issues early, thus minimizing the risk of extensive debugging later on.

- Multiple testing of application usability: Mobile applications need to meet all the guidelines of usability. Users generally have very high expectations about the usability of the apps. Hence, it is important to ensure that all the UI elements of an app are easy to use and understand. Also the app should be able to provide very clear interruptions and error messages.

- Multi-lingual support: If the mobile application is a global one, then it needs to support different languages. A mobile application needs to be tested against the various languages, currencies as well as the prominent social network of that region.

- Power requirements of the application: Mobile application which consume or need too much power while performing are likely to get deleted in the long run unless it is as useful and handy as the GPS. Hence, the battery power requirement, suspended connectivity and network strength, all play a significant role in determining the functional efficiency of  mobile application.

- Handling interruptions and stand-by modes: Mobile apps need to be tested for any UI glitches, data handling and its ability to maintain state while resuming or leaving the stand-by mode. With multiple apps installed in a mobile, notifications are very common to occur. These notifications can have an impact on the application currently running on the mobile phone. The functional logic of the application should be well tested when faced with interruptions.

- Testing against the major hardware features: Mobile applications need to work around all the powerful hardware and sensors. A mobile application needs to all combinations of sensor specific scenarios. It is also important to test the mobile applications against all the different hardware features of mobile devices.


It is not a matter of choosing one approach over the other. It is the right combination of the approaches that need to be taken. Maximizing functional test automation can prove to be an effective way of long term debugging actions. Combining testing solutions with the best practices listed above helps to address the challenges associated with functional testing of mobile applications.

by Tom Wade
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