Different Weed Management Tactics And Their EffectivenessDifferent Weed Management Tactics And Their Effectiveness

Weeds and Cockroaches share something in common – they are both unwanted, very hardy species and remarkably difficult to completely get rid off. Overtime, human ingenuity usually triumphs and we now have several highly effective techniques for weed management.

Nature designed weeds to occupy any unoccupied soil. The idea was probably to retain soil, help oxygenate the planet and provide fodder for certain animals. Which was all very fine except, when humans arrived at the scene and began cultivating land or developing land for personal enjoyment (i.e. gardens), we didn't want weeds to mar the landscape or come in the way of other plants and of course, we also don't have free roaming cattle in our gardens.

Like cockroaches, getting rid of weeds is easier said than done. Nature has designed them to grow almost anywhere and everywhere and that is exactly what they do. But human ingenuity like we said, usually triumphs so here's how you can get rid of the weeds:

Weed management is divided into several categories including chemical, biological, cultural, and physical or mechanical means.

Chemical based weed management: Modern day science has created herbicides that target weeds while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. These herbicides work by targeting plant hormones present in weeds. There are several different types of Herbicides but the most practical and fast-acting is the Contact herbicides - it destroy plants that comes into contact with the herbicide and is especially effective on perennial plants that can re-grow from tubers and or roots. Wear gloves and simply apply this herbicide to the weeds and voilà – they are gone!

Biological weed management: Many cash-strapped municipalities have often turned to grass eating animals to help trim large grass covered areas or weed covered areas. While this Lawn Pest Control Services technique is effective in controlling the growth of grass in general, it is not an effective technique in de-weeding as the roots of the weeds will help the weed re-sprout.

Cultural method of weed management: This is the traditional method of weed management and involves tilling the soil, water it lightly everyday for a week or so. The initial plants that sprout are weeds and you remove those. Once that is done, you plant whatever needs planting. Obviously, this technique is okay for farmers and not used to remove weeds spread in clumps throughout your garden.

Physical and manual weed management: This involves physically pulling out the weeds from the soil. This method works best when you have small clumps of weed in different parts of the garden. Your back will probably ache while doing this but physical Professional Lawn Mowing Services and weed management technique is quick and effective. Care has to be take to make sure you pull the weeds along with its roots otherwise your effort will have gone waste.

In the final analysis, for a garden with less than 10% weed coverage, we recommend the use of Contact Herbicide or the manual weed management technique. Of course, if you do not have the time or inclination to do it yourself.
by Phil Maunder
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Philip purchased a Jim’s Mowing franchise in Melbourne in 1989, before purchasing the Regional Franchise for South Australia in 1990, becoming the first ever Regional Franchisor in the Jim’s Group.

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