Charlotte Chiropractic Doctor Offers Postural Correction TherapyCharlotte Chiropractic Doctor Offers Postural Correction Therapy

Have you ever tried to align a square peg and a round hole? It simply does not work. The two things were not meant to go together that way. The same can be said for the bones in your neck and back. Often, the greatest enemy of our own physical sanity is our own posture. If we sit, stand and lay incorrectly, the joints between our vertebrae can easily be misaligned, similar to a square peg in a round hole.

Poor posture results in bones and other tissues rubbing against one another in ways they were not intended to. Overtime, these new pathways can become permanent due to bone and tissue growth.

However it happens, it always results the same way - pain and discomfort in your neck and back.

Postural problems occur when the body maintains positions that cause the spine to shift from its proper alignment, such as poor posture or sleeping on your stomach. Misalignment can also occur because of injuries, stress, chemicals (medications, pollutants), and diet. Some health concerns stem from musculoskeletal disorders that began in childhood. These spinal anomalies may result in pain or discomfort immediately after trauma occurs or years later.

Incorrect alignment of spinal vertebrae is called vertebral subluxation. The condition significantly interferes with nerve signal transmission, which causes a range of adverse effects. Chiropractors, the only health care providers qualified to maintain clear nervous system channels throughout the body, utilize gentle techniques to bring it into alignment. This is accomplished without invasive procedures or pharmaceutical prescriptions that only mask symptoms.

No one wants to take more medications and drugs. Solving your pain problem using gentle, periodic corrections will help your body heal naturally and give you more and better peace of mind.

Postural corrections, called adjustments, are performed exclusively with the care provider's hands. When additional equipment is employed, the therapy is referred to as a manipulation. Both procedures are regarded by the general public with wary skepticism and even fear, as they are understood to be a cracking or twisting of the back and neck.

Patients can rest assured that a state-of-the-art advancement is available as an alternative to manipulation, while providing all the benefits afforded by traditional chiropractic solutions. Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic operates according to the notion that if the skull is not properly centered, its center of gravity is changed. To compensate, the entire spine will shift. Chiropractors use a specialized instrument to appropriately position the head. When it is correctly centered on the first cervical vertebra (the Atlas), the spine will come into its normal vertical alignment. At that point, the Atlas will be 90 degrees (Orthogonal) to the spine.

Charlotte NC chiropractic care utilizes a variety of techniques to correct postural abnormalities. Improper head and spinal positioning places stress on the nervous system. Bringing the skull into proper alignment relieves pressure on nerves, enhancing the body's potential to function normally.

Chiropractic care can help correct spinal misalignment without surgery. Find out how to keep your spine healthy with a Charlotte chiropractic office.

by Rhegie Taylor
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